Serendipity - a fortunate happenstance

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Chapter 19

It was the day before Mel's big date I was at her place early in the morning. I took the earliest bus without spending time on having breakfast. I promised her that I'd tag along while she goes hunting something wearable for her date. Tia and Devin were out all day. Plus I had to get the notes I missed because I was with Travis the other day.

I missed spending time with her as I spend almost every evening for the past three days at the hospital with Travis. I didn't bump into Liam and I was wandering whether he's avoiding me. Devin mentioned that he went out of town for some reasons. Even Melanie didn't know what for exactly. She was looking forward that he'd show up tomorrow for sure. I wished if I could feel the same.

We spend more than four hours at the mall picking a dress for Mel. She checked out more than five dresses for the past two hours. She was having hard time choosing the best one. Anything looks good on her. But she wasn't fully satisfied. Every dress she chose so far was black. Black wasn't her color, it has never been her favorite color. Girly colors like pink or a shade of pink supposed to be the ones she would go for.

"You should go for something bright red...I mean it is a date." Though I had no sense of fashion or about dates for that matter, I've seen girls wear red for dates on TV. To be precise I wore my worn out jeans and a faded shirt for the only date I've ever been to. In fact that came out better because I wasn't technically going for a date as per him, I was about to face death. So why so much glamour?

"No it should be black Yumi. Black it is." She was lost between a black cocktail dress and a black dress with a high neck.

"What's with 'black' suddenly? It's not even your color"

"It's Liam's favorite." That made sense. She was already adjusting to Liam's preferences.

"I always thought that black will be good on you. It truly does, Mel."

"Thank you....I mean also for wasting your time here with me."

"Cut it out. I'm enjoying myself. Anyway when he is gonna meet you tomorrow?"

"After the classes." She still had the black cocktail dress in her hand. "I think I should go with this one, what do you think?"

"Yeah, I like that too." the mental image of her wearing this and sitting in the front row in Mr. Morrison's class freaked me out "Wait... don't tell me that you're gonna wear that for class tomorrow?"

"Of course not" she was horrified even for thinking something like that "I'm gonna skip it tomorrow. I need your notes okay." It was an unexpected answer from someone like Melanie. It was Tia's kinda answer.

"No... no. Just take the class, ask him to pick you up later?"

"No.... I can't make him. He might have other plans you know."

She bought the black cocktail dress and a pair of four inch wedges that had breaded black straps on it. Mel went to order food as I was seated in a table to the furthest corner. It was a bit crowded. Mel was on the que for forever to place the order.

"Turkey Submarine with BBQ sauce for you.....Philly cheese steak sandwich with onion rings for me." Melanie put the trays on the table along with the melodious introduction.

"Philly Cheese steak sandwich?" I knew out of the things on the menu Turkey submarine should be her favorite. In fact that's why asked her to order two for myself as well. That was what we agreed on before she went to the counter.

"Devin said that Liam has this every Sunday after band practices."

"Okay Mel! That's it...You can't be serious. Don't be like this!"

She pressed her lips together "Do you know how many guys I have dated, Yumi?" I shook my head. It was never my way to dig someone's past unless they put it out there. " Pretty few actually. I don't why, I have been quite a catch back in high school. I don't mean it to brag. To be honest they saw me as just another popular dumb blonde, who'd make their senior year worthwhile" her eyes narrowed "But you know what I saw? Nothing. Majority were just shallow minded morons. I wanted someone more....passionate. Someone who'd inspire me to be better. Someone like Liam." She adjusted in her seat "I enjoy what he does. I love how good of an impact he has made on me. I know I love him more than anyone has ever before in his life" I just nodded. With that I shut up. If this is what Liam's gonna throw away, I don’t know another word to describe him other than 'unfortunate'.

We spend the entire afternoon working on Mr. Morrison project. I got all the notes I missed the day before, 'the fundamental principles of British architecture'. By the time we finished it, it was getting dark outside. Melanie packed me some fajitas she had saved from yesterday. "Text me as soon as you got home okay?"

"Will do" I hugged her tight.

I face timed mom on my way home. Jesse had got into the baseball team. I promised him that I'll come over to watch him play his first game. I knew he miss me as much as I miss him. So I was glad that he got something to spend his time with guys. He wouldn't miss me much now. Mom was busy with her new business. She has started working as an event-planner. Dad was so thrilled to hear my voice after some time. He wasn't home most of the time when I made calls. I promised to visit them soon, before I hung up.

It was past 7 when I got home. After a quick shower, I put the Fajitas in the fridge. I wasn't hungry at all. I went to bed with my Mp3 player and played my usual playlist till I catch some sleep.

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As I entered the class the next day, Devin and Tia were already seated. The seat next to me was empty. I took my blue prints out and got ready to the class. It became a truly boring class without Mel. Though Devin and Tia were there, they were lost in their world. They asked me to join them for lunch afterwards. But I refused because I knew they would prefer time alone with each other. I knew that's how it is with newly hitched love birds.

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