Serendipity - a fortunate happenstance

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Chapter 21

For the past few weeks, things had changed a lot around me. Mel and Liam are officially the sweethearts. Mel and I went on shopping again to return her black dress and bought a light pink dress that made her look like a pixie. She was literally on cloud nine. Needless to say that somehow Liam did make everything right back again.

I on the other hand spend almost every day with Travis. He was getting weaker by day. But he didn't forget to smile every time I crack a joke. I even sang songs for him though I sound worst. I played his favorite card game with him. Amber played for him, under his guidance. Though I tried really hard, he won every single time. 

I got permission from Dr. West to get him out of his room. She refused at first, and then she asked Amber to arrange the special well equipped wheel-chair for him with tons of tubes and stuff. Even I got depressed sitting in the same place surrounding the same four walls. I wheeled him out of his room and into the roof top garden. the weather seemed nice. He seemed happy to finally breathe in some fresh air. I let him enjoy his time and took few steps back.

"Hey!" I turned around to a sudden tap on my head. "How is he doing?" It was Liam. Melanie too was there with him.

"Hey guys!" though I was happy to see them here, I knew the answer for his question wouldn't be a good one. "I don't know"

"I'll go talk to him" Liam reached out to where Travis was and leaned in the garden lamp shed. Smile on his face, he started talking to him casually.

"Yumi?" Melanie broke my attention.

"Yeah?" I turned to her.

"Thank you again for coming to me that Top-Tandy"

Of course we haven't had a chance to hang out with each other after that night. Liam was always there or may be she was always with him. "You don't have to thank me Mel. It's no big deal"

"Still I'm grateful; I can't believe I acted that stupid" her face was red. 

"Now, that I can agree. I always knew you're stupid, but I never thought you would prove it to me like that someday." I said with a playful smirk. We both laughed at it.

After a bit of a pause she asked "Yumi, would you tell me the truth if I asked you something?"

"Shoot" She wouldn't ask me something personal. I knew my secrets are safe with Liam.

"How did you change his mind?"

"Did he say it was-?"

She stepped closer "No it was obvious that it has something to do with you"

"He belongs with you." I explained. She was waiting for me to explain further. "It is basically a fact that you love him so much" I swat at her playfully and continued "Even though you were always there with him I don't think he realized what he's going to miss out until he heard what you said about him at the Top Tandy. Now he knows. That's all" I turned to her and took her hands on mine "FYI do you know how you got to bed at Liam's after fell asleep on the couch watching Titanic?"

"I thought I was so sleepy that I didn't remember how I got there."

"You weren't were in dead sleep" I chuckled. "Liam did."

"Did he?" her jaw hung open.

"He did....he tucked you in and covered you up with the duvet, it really reminded me of my mom though. The way he brush his fingers through your hair, romantic..." Dramatically I gave her the perfect mental image. Alomst to the best she could get with a eye-witness. I laughed.

"Seriously, why didn't you tell me before? Wait you went to bed early?"

"Nope, I just wanted to give you some privacy, I was just tired. I was by the pool just outside." She wasn't listening to me. She was lost in thoughts. I couldn't stop laughing seeing her eyes on Liam without bothering to blink even.

"You, stop it will you?" She nudged me shyly.

Melanie, Liam, Travis and I played cards for the rest of the evening. Amber played again on behalf of Travis. As usual Travis was hard to defeat. He chuckled weakly every time he made a good move. We were miserable in front of him. Devin and Tia also joined us a few hours later. Travis got a little competitive as Tia hit the game. Tia seemed good at it than us. Travis was enjoying the game to its fullest with Tia since he finally got a better rival to play against. 

After Travis fell asleep we went out and had dinner at the food court together. It was much needed time for all of us. The way Travis said his goodbyes was indeed a heart breaking image to all of us. I was glad every time Tia made a joke about anything that comes in to her mind to ease the tension. Devin did the same. But the piercing pain in all of our hearts was hard to resist. 

Liam drove me home. Melanie was in the front seat. Mel was gonna spend tonight too at Liam's and Devin at Mel's. I smiled at the thought since it seemed like a fair exchange. Mr. and Mrs. Golan were still out of town. That went well.

That weekend, I made plans to visit home. Jesse had texted me that his first game would be on this Sunday. I wanted to surprise them. Only Mel knew I was leaving for the weekend. She promised me to tell Liam and pay visits at the clinic while I'm not here.

Mom was the one who got the door. "Oh my's you...."she screamed on top of her lungs. "Oh honey, you should have called me, so I could pick you up." she squeezed me in a long warm hug which I would always die for. "Calvin hon, look who's here." She shouted to Dad in the living room. I was barely inside but my chest is getting warm at the thought I'm finally home after a long time and a little at peace with myself and everything that happened which led me to practically take off from everything.

"Mayumi....good lord" Dad wasn't expecting me. Then I was squeezed between the two of my most favorite human beings in the whole world. Only Jesse was missing. He should be probably at school this hour.

Sitting by the small  kitchen isle I was reciting as a poem, everything about my day to day life at college. About Liam, Melanie, Tia, Devin and also including Travis . It felt like I was back in high school. I used to sit on the same stool and talked about all the dramas that happened throughout my day at middle-school. Dad sat there beside me and was listening to me like I was telling a very interesting story. Mom was making crab-cakes, one of my favorites. Well I have lots of favorites.

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