Serendipity - a fortunate happenstance

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Chapter 22

I was homesick a little more than I was, after coming back from home. We all had a great time at the game. It was no surprise that they won. He was good. We had dinner together after a long time at our usual grill back in home. Mom packed me some crab-cakes. Obviously I finished them on my way to Wilmington.

I spent most of my time with Travis. Liam too paid constant visits, Mel tagged along. Even Tia and Devin visited him to play cards. Though Travis was a few years older than Jesse, he reminded me of him a lot. He was far too weak to breathe even. But his face was still full of life every time I walk through that door. It made us easy to cope with the situation. We all knew that we're the ones gonna miss him. That was the beauty of death. It is painful only to the ones who were left behind. 

It was rainy morning. Even the atmosphere was just too dull that I kept think whether I must attend classes today. I didn't miss the call from Dr. West this time, I was on my way to College. Behind her hesitation, I found the answer. When I got off from the bus, Liam was at the college entrance. His face was clouded. He didn't talk all the way to the hospital, neither did I. Melanie, Devin and Tia was already there at the hospital. 

I entered Travis's Room. His room was darker without his smile. He was lying calmly. Beside him was the huge machine which kept his body running till I arrive. Yeah, he was comatose again. We all knew this time there is no hope, not only because he was far too weak, because it was his will. He wanted us to let him go this time. That was all he asked from Dr. West. He had asked me to be present when it's time. And I am here for it. 

I hugged his weaken body for one last time "Goodbye Travis" I whispered in his ear. With my shaky fingers I touched his cold cheeks. "I'll miss you buddy". I didn't cry, because I'm sure that he was happy to leave. I closed my eyes and pictured the way he smiled at me the last I met him while he was conscious. That would be my last picture of him, I smiled at the thought.

"Curly..." Liam came behind me and turned me around pulling me into his chest.

"I'm fine...really..." I said, hiding my wet eyes in his jacket "...I know he's glad that he's finally free."

"Sure he is... you'll be the only thing he would miss." He murmured softly.

"You too..." I corrected.

"I doubt that" he chuckled in a low tone, pain was obvious in it "I annoyed him most of the time remember?"

I smiled "Yeah, you did....but he will forgive you"

The day after Travis's funeral, Liam came to pick me up as Dr. West needed us to meet her. She was there waiting for us in her room. "I know it is not a good time to ask you kids to visit here" she said as we entered "But there is something Travis asked me to do." She placed two envelopes on the table. One addressed for me and the other for Liam, I took the one addressed to me. "And here...he asked me to give this to you Mayumi." It was his pack of cards.

"Thank you Dr. West" It would remind me of the good times.

"Thank you kids....if not for you he would've become the worst memory of my carrier. You healed him when medicine couldn't." she smiled softly.

I came out of her room and took a seat in the lobby. Liam was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he went to Travis's room one last time which now was empty. I took Travis letter out and start reading it.

"Dear Mayumi,   

My non-biological sister. I’m so glad I get to know you. Those last few days were awesome. I felt alive despite everything that weakened myself. I owe you for that. Mark my words Mayumi, there comes a day that you will be overwhelmed by happiness and you wouldn’t believe how lucky you are. When that day comes, think of it as my pay-check. Just so you know there won’t be an expiring date, just the eternal bliss. 

Will miss you wherever I’m gonna be next, 

Loving Travis."

There was a photo of us taken by Amber while we played cards. Everybody was there, Melanie, Tia, Devin, Liam, Travis and I. Travis was leaning in his head rest. His weak eyes were scrutinized at Tia. It looked so funny. I smiled.

"It's amazing right?" Liam took a seat next to me. I didn't see him coming. "He has been the most miserable patient in the whole clinic, and then here he is making us smile from his last letter." Only then I saw his letter from Travis was in his hand. It was true. He did make me smile too.

"This came with the letter" I showed him the photo. "The way he was looking at Tia is hilarious." Liam laughed. "Tia and Travis...they were animals" we both laughed at the image popped in both our minds.

Liam drove me home. I unbuckled the seat belt and turned to the door to get off. But the doors were still locked. "Liam, it's locked." I said scratching my forehead to hide my watery eyes from him.

"I know" his reply made me look at him. "Are you okay? Tell me really."

I sighed loudly "Liam...I just lost one of my best friends..... There's nothing you can do about it." 

"I can see that but-" his voice was just above a murmur.

"It's not that I'm sad that he's I said maybe he is already in a better place." I tried picture his smile again "It's just I miss spending time with him"

"You know what Travis asked me when I visited him for the last time?" he saw my dubious expression "He asked me to set you up for a date."

"Huh....this boy!" I couldn't believe he just asked him that, but then again it's more like him.

"Yeah he did...and I think he's right." He rolled his eyes.

"Ha-ha.... I'm getting really tired of this topic you know. Mom literally went on the same when I visited them few weeks ago" I rolled my eyes as a reply. "Open up Liam." I gestured the door.

After a fraction of silence he asked "Just tell me his name."

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