Serendipity - a fortunate happenstance

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Chapter 36

I was hardly concentrating on the speed I was driving. And I had no clue where I was heading either. I was just following him at the highest speed I could reach.

"Jayden he's slowing he has stopped. Take two turns to the left and one to right. It's just a mile ahead." Liam mumbled calculating the exact distance.

Knowing that he stopped somewhere made my entire body burn. Since I knew as long he is on the move less harm he could be to her. I know he's alone. He fled each and every time before because he had the help from inside; he must have connections with cops according to what I gathered up from Miles. This would be his last attempt and I'm going to make sure today's the last sunset he had seen.

My phone started ringing and on the screen there she was; I took it in a blink of an eye. "Jayden Walker! Hello." the most venomous voice I've ever heard was on the other end of the line.

"What do you want?"

"I already have what I want right in my arms." Serenity in his voice was unimaginable.

"If she doesn't walk away right this second or anything longer than that trust me I'm gonna rip the skin off you and believe me when I'm saying I will enjoy every damn second of it. Do you hear me?" I hissed.

He laughed "Oh? You are such a boyfriend indeed. I'm deeply touched and you know what-" and waited a second. "-I am myself an intruder but hate when others intrude, so I'm kindly requesting you to BACK OFF"

My knuckles were cracking loudly on the steering wheel " For every finger you lay on her, I swear I'm gonna break them all to pieces. You are messing with the wrong one this time. I won't rest till you're done breathing"

"Again I'm touched! You know I'll never forget how she struggled as I dragged her away. She is a quiet fighter. And I also figured you'd come for her." I stopped the car aside of the road and put him on speaker feeling Liam's confused stare on me.

I couldn't think properly with him in my ear. I couldn't let him get in to mind. I was the one should get in to his. He continued "You can't find me Walker. Just so you know, don't bother much finding her because by the time I'm through with her she won't even remember her name let alone yours."

I inhaled sharply calming myself as I needed to stay focused and keep him going as long as possible "Why don't you put her on the phone instead? Tired of your babblings already" He was silent for a few minutes and then the call ended.

"What was that? Care to explain while wasting few more hours here or what?" Liam's was shaking with anger. Only I knew that since he got his hands on Ems phone he knew we were on to him.

"She's not with him."

"What do you mean she is not with him? You think that's why he didn't put her on?" Liam smirked ignorantly "look I know you are an idiot but I didn't thought you've lost it altogether. If you're not going to get her, get off. I will."

"Somehow he has learned that we were following her through GPS" my eyes were scrutinizing as my mind aligned the sequences to my plan "He thinks he's good at it. But I'm better. He left her some place along the way and was leading us further. Even the 911 team won't be any help from now on." I took GPS back on to my screen. Her pin wasn't moving anymore.

I could clearly see that Liam hardly got my point "So what you gonna do? Sit here and whine?"

"Of course not" I ignited the engine and took a wide U turn. There weren't much traffic. Few vehicles drove passed us "Think through Liam, he drove fast all the way but slowed down at one place for a couple of minutes remember...we almost stopped?"

"By the Greenfield Lake! Yeah...St Bernard church" Liam was good.

"Yes, that's where she is" I confirmed "or somewhere close by" though how much I hated the fact that there were several options for him to take her in the certain area and cloudy it made my mind I stayed focused. I sped past the limits again.

"Perfect; that church is abandoned for couple of years now since they've built a new one to the upper side of the lake." Liam continued his speculations "there are some warehouses also. At least there were two"

"Do you know the area?" I asked.

"I used to go there when I needed some time alone" him knowing the area was a pleasant relief for me.

"So we can narrow the place down to an abandoned church and two ware-"

"One" he cut me out "there's only one warehouse. I remember now, they have demolished the other recently."

"Better! I'll get the church... you get the warehouse?" My eyes were on the road.

"On it!" he was confident just as I was.

I was strangely calm. I couldn't describe what really it was. I was certain that the more I couldn't keep my mind on track in a moment like this more the danger I am putting her through. So my mind was well organized at the moment. Fear of what might happen is literally turning in to power that I could use against him.

I am going to get her. Even my eyes wide open I could visualize her standing on the porch clinging on to me, No! It wasn't a goodbye. We lay side by side staring at one another just a while ago and I couldn't help but think how lucky I was. I watched her sleep for hours. I saw how safe she felt in my arms. I've lost her once.  And I lived enough being a shadow unnoticed. She was too good to be facing this insanity, cruelty of some sick monster.

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