Serendipity - a fortunate happenstance

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Chapter 12

We hung out there for almost an hour. So I excused myself after helping them to arrange the basement the way it was before the concert. The corridors weren't busy yet. I didn't know where Travis's room could be. I just wandered along in the corridors and it didn't seem like I have any luck with finding his room. I thought to find the reception first but as I already was in the other end of the clinic there was no point. A faint sound of footsteps started rising up from behind. Thinking that it would be probably one of the hospital staff, I turned around to ask where I can find Travis's room, only to find him coming to a halt just inches from me.

"Liam? What are you doing?"

"This is... the wrong floor. Just here tell you. Want me to leave? Then, okay" he turned around on his heel.

"Then why didn't you call me. You just followed me like a... a ghost or something" I was mad at him still for the way he talked about Travis, earlier.

"Yeah I was going to... okay could you please tell me why you are mad at me?" he sighed, lowering his eyes to mine. The next second her chuckled, "Is this because I practically saved you from all the humiliation with the song? I couldn't let these poor people to go through that misery. If I let you si -"

I cut him off. "Oh how sweet of you to care about the sick. What have gotten to you? Just a little earlier you weren't that empathetic" I turned around and head to the staircase to the second floor. Taking two stairs at a time I got to the second floor. 

He was on my heel. "Hey Curly! Wrong floor...again." He chuckled his annoying laugh under his breath. I was annoyed; I was so annoyed that I haven't met anyone to ask where Travis's room is, so then I can get rid of Liam and get by on my own. 

I turned around and faced him; he was leaning to a wall hands crossed over his chest, "So you know his room? Then why can't you... just tell me where it is, for the least you can tell me which floor it is and then leave me alone?" 

"I won't tell you Curly... if you wanna come, follow me." He led the way to the next staircase to the third floor. 

"Stop calling me 'Curly' ". I snapped.

"Why? You don't like it? It's cute... 'Curly'."

"Well, I don't want to be... cute."

"Yeah, you want to be called "bea-u-ti-ful" he cut the word 'beautiful' in to several syllables which made it sounds even more annoying, "I saw earlier in the morning... Cry baby." He does not seem like someone that would take breaks from mocking others over stupid things. I can't believe this is the guy Melanie kept talking about. He was nothing like what she has described though he looked the same.

I sighed, already tired arguing with him. "Okay call me 'Curly' or 'Cry baby' whatever, I don't care."

"I'll go with 'Whatever' then" he tied his lips in to a thin line, probably trying to stop himself from laughing.

I glared at him. "I wonder what exactly Mel saw in you. She kept saying that you don't talk much and you are so..."

"Innocent...?" he finished the line for me, "I usually am. I, myself wondering what have gotten to me. I'm the wittiest only when you are near." he spoke with a slow deliberation. I didn't know how to respond. "So which one would you prefer... the silent, innocent, responsible one... or this version?" he asked gesturing himself.

"Oh. I'll pass. I prefer neither." I said lightly.

"Ouch, that's cruel." He snickered.

He stopped in front of a door, without even looking at the room number or the name board as he entered in. He didn't even bother knocking. The board read 'No: 26 - Travis Spence'. He really did know his room after all. Still he should have knocked before entering. Well, that should be common courtesy. But Liam was already in.

"Hey Liam" I heard Travis's weak voice inside. I entered behind him.

"Mayumi!" He was surprised to see us "I thought you guys left already" .

"We should have, she -" Liam elbowed me pushing me forward "-wanted to talk to you" he slid his hands back in to his pockets. 

Though I wanted to come and see him I haven't had anything on my mind to why that I needed to. I gave him the warmest smile I could muster. This has to be his usual self with all the heavy stuff around his bed connected to him. Travis wasn't alone. His nurse was getting ready to leave. He had his pills on his palm. Travis reached for the water glass at the bedside table. Before he moved, Liam took it and placed it in his free hand firmly. 

He gulped them, swallowing loudly. Twitching his eyes he turned to me. "What can I say, it's nice to have a guest Mayumi. Well specially someone who is less annoying" he eyed Liam.

Liam's head shot back as it was an invisible blow to his face, laughing "it's quite the amusement coming from a guy who has cemented his ass to this room."

"That's the goal brother, that's the goal" he agreed grinning "by the way Dr. West ask you to drop by at her office if you've got time"

"Yeah, I was going to" so he wasn't following me to mock me. That was a relief. I was beginning to dislike him "then bumped into this one wandering all the floors like a lost kitten" there he goes. I groaned. He patted Travis's arm and went out grinning as he goes.

"Is he your boyfriend?" Travis asked as soon as Liam left the room closing the door behind.

"No, he's a....friend of mine. Hopefully, my best friend's boyfriend to be".

"He is a good guy. Your friend should be lucky." I highly doubt it.

I took a seat by the edge of his bed. "Didn't you just said that he's the most annoying person ever?" 

"Well I successfully outran my family but not from him. Am I wrong to say he is annoying?" he laughed probably remembering something. "He never backs off you know"

"What do you mean? Is he bothering you?" for a fraction of a second I thought he might have been mean to him, to his face.

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