Serendipity - a fortunate happenstance

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Chapter 14

As I was heading to the room, I saw the massive pool visible through the huge glass French doors in the living room. Calm water was shimmering from blue lights all around the pool. I was tired, but I wasn't sleepy. I heard the beginning of the movie. The love seat had its back on me. Without making a noise, I slide myself out, to the lawn. I didn't want to disturb them.

It was a beautiful night. The entire lawn including the pool was lit in light neon blue. I sat beside the pool and dipped my feet a little up till ankle in the water. Water was cold against m,y skin. Chilling breeze swept away the curls from my face. It felt nice. Even the sky was clear with stars scattered all over like diamonds embedded on a dark blue velvet. And there it was the full moon, shinning bright right above me. As I was watching the sky it reminded me of another night which felt so much like, tonight.

It was three weeks prior to the accident. Jayden and I, we were hiking in the woods near the Dawson Bridge. He wasn't someone who had spent so much time out in the woods. I knew for sure that he wasn't much into it. But what I had on my mind was a different agenda. I needed to get his mind off whatever that was hovering over him like a dark cloud.I tried to ease the hurt caused by whatever he refused to let me know. I wanted to make him see that happiness one can find in little things have the power to replace the greater tragedies in life, eventually. Even though it surely takes time.

Deep inside of me, I wish if someone could do that for me, now more than ever. To see the bigger picture, to drop everything and give me 'you've got this, I've got you" kinda feeling. Cause I'm beginning to lose faith on such things once I believed in, thoroughly.

I remember we spent the entire night on top of the Dawson peek under the starlit sky. It was just like today. We lit up a small fire in the middle. We didn't bother building tents. It was a clear sky. No hint of a rain. We had two sleeping bags for each. We crawled in it as the cool breeze set in. We talked about things; things we like...things we hate and stuff. He always ditched when he was the one to answer. But I put myself out there, so it would motivate him to open up. I really didn't want to pry. All I wanted was to help. My cell phone was buzzing all the time, my mom was restless. 

"Mayumi, I still don't think spending a night a good idea." She said in her seventh call.

"Mom we are just know, there is a fir pit between us...So"

"I don't care.... Be safe either way....wait! Sleeping bags? You're on the ground?"

 I could see that she was going to have another reason to worry upon. "Obviously?"

"How could you be so careless honey? There might be serpents, spiders and all. You're in the woods for god's sake!"

"Mom...the ground is safe and it is a clear space. Could you please stop worrying?" I tried to reassure her in every way possible.

"Okay... take care of yourself... just keep the torch with me first thing in the morning." finally she gave up.

"Sure will, night mom. Love you"

"Night sweetie." She still sounded so worried

"You have a pretty good relationship with your mom, don't you?" Jay said just after I ended the call.

I thought he wasn't listening "Yeah... I do... Don't you?"

"Not really... It's weird I mean considering that she is not even your biological mother-"

"She is my mother" I answered firmly before he even finished his opinion. "What difference does it make, biological or not?" He just glumly stare off in to something further away from us. "Mothers are always special, don't they?" I fished in, wanting to know what his problem was.

He blew out a whistle, "yeah? Tell me about it" a total smug.

"What?" I didn't let it slide.

"What do you mean 'what'? There are tons of children out there under foster care. Do you ever think about that?"

"It's really pitiful, yeah. But I have this theory" I looked straight at him "just because I can't have doesn't mean it's not out there, somewhere. It's just me being unfortunate. Someone might not get to feel it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist. It's all about Karma." I gave a long explanation.

After some time, he said "Big fan of Karma?"

"Of course I am" I answered him in a sure voice, because I firmly do.

I still remember the rising rage he had in his beautiful eyes. He was more intense about that subject. I should've asked him the reason then. I regret about it now. Then again, it wouldn't have changed anything even if I questioned about it. He still be that person who had no remorse. I'll end up where I am right now, whatsoever.

Someone tapped on my shoulder and I almost fell to the pool. But he grabbed both my arms before it did.

"Oh wow Curly! Did you end up here sleep walking?" Liam released me from his grip and sat right beside me. He folded his sweatpants up to his knees and dipped his legs into the pool just like me.

I was still in recovery of the sudden shock. My heart beatings were lowering down to the normal speed. Eyes were still wide. What's with the pools and Men in my life. I remember something close to this from far away time but I just shoved the memory back in.

"I'm sorry...again, did I startle you?" Liam gave an apologetic look.

"Don't bother apologizing... it has become a habit of you." I made a dramatic eye-roll.

"For the record, I did call you three four times before tapping..."

"You did?"

"Yeah, I almost wake-up Mel..."

"Mel fell asleep? Is the movie over...already?" How much time did I spend time travelling?

"Nah, she fell asleep before even the ship hits the berg. She started snoring by the time Jack died" he snickered, "I went to your room, the door was closed. I didn't even tap. Thought you were sound asleep. So I arranged the other room for Mel and came back to get her...then I saw you here." He looked back at me "You were lost in thoughts."

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