Serendipity - a fortunate happenstance

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Chapter 16

I was having cheese toasts for breakfast. Obviously my favorite since I am so lazy to cook anything else for myself. I didn't know whether it tasted good or bad, just chewing down. I was lost in thoughts in the conversation I had with Liam just three days ago; in a way pain was just a part of everyone's lives. How many people can there be damaged, without you knowing even though you're standing right next to them? Some don't have time and some wishes if they don't. Whatsoever pain is inevitable, that much I knew.

I put the leftovers in the fridge and took a sip of milk straight from the carton. I saw my cell phone screen was flashing on the oven. It couldn't be Mom or someone from home. I called them last night and Mom didn't hang up for two hours. So it must be Mel or Tia. For my utter surprise it was Dr. West. Three missed calls and a message. It was delivered four hours ago. I slept a little bit longer since it was weekend and I had no classes. I viewed the message cursing myself, internally.

"Hey Mayumi, unless you don't have anything else planned for today, I can make arrangements for Travis. Let me know ASAP."

I called back right away. She answered in the first ring. I thanked her again for making the arrangements. And apologized for missing her call. She said that she talked to Liam since she couldn't reach me. Liam had told her to go with the plan and that I too be there on time. Then why didn't he let me know? I should meet her in less than half an hour. How could I make it? Since I'm taking the bus, it would probably take an hour almost. But I have to make it somehow, everything was already arranged.

"Devin?" I made a call to him since I didn't have Liam's number. 

"Yumi? What's up?"

"Is Liam there? I need to speak to him" I asked while frantically going through my not-so diverse wardrobe.

"Nope! He went out about hours ago" Devin said lightly. "What is it?"

God, I don't  have enough time. I put on one of my usuals "When exactly? Did he tell you where he was going?" I grabbed my back-pack and took out my essentials, which is not much.

"No... at about...eight. Do you want his number?" that was it. It's 10 now. He left two hours ago. He might be probably at the hospital now. What was with him? He should have called me.

"No... Thank you Devin." What do I have to do with his number now? It was already late "Tell him that I called...And I thanked him big time. Okay?" 

"Oh...kay. Bye" 

"Bye." I ended the call. I shoved some money in to my back pocket, my mobile and the MP3-player  in the front pockets. I hate carrying a hand bag all the time. Before I got to the lawn I locked the door and checked it twice. I still remembered that freaking Headline.

I pulled my oh-so-stubborn hair into a bun and turned around to face the drive way. It wasn't empty as it supposed to be. 

A big black Viano was parked on my drive way. He was leaning on to the hood. "Hey Curly!" he waved me as I got near.

"You were here?" I was bemused.

"Good Morning to you too." He chuckled.

"What the hell are you doing? You told Dr. West to make the arrangements for Travis and-"

"I came to pick you up." He cut me off. "You seemed like sound asleep. So I waited here."

"Still you should have called me." I deadpanned.

"Okay I'm sorry, thought you might be tired after the miraculous ride three days ago." He stressed on the word 'miraculous' and winked.

He can't be serious, can he? "You're such a-"

"-Gentlemen... I know that." he finished my answer with one word, an opposite to the one I would've used. "Now can you please get in Curly? We have to make a half an hour drive in fifteen minutes you know.“ I got in without arguing. He held the door for me. Have to admit, he is a gentlemen...but an annoying one.

"By the way, welcome...big time." He snickered. "Devin texted". I was glad I didn't scold him much.

As he pulled away, I tried to concentrate what I can see through the windshield and focus on it. "It really was a miraculous ride. You seem okay today." Liam broke the silence first.

" far-so good." I smiled.

"Glad to know" he changed the subject " you thought I went to Travis, leaving you behind?"

I sulk. "Devin said you left at about I figured-"

"You know me better than that Curly...I'm frustrated." He made a face.

I turned to him. Him keeping my mind off the road was definitely working. "Okay I'm sorry"

"Apology not accepted."

"Fine, what do you want me to do to gain your....precious forgiveness?" I didn't know what was coming. I wish I had known, as soon as he turned it in to words.

"Let’s go on a date with me?" I was literally speechless for what it seemed like a minute or so. "Um...Liam...I..." I was running out of answers. If I never owned a past like mine, my answer would be somewhat different. After all I was too tired for anything even slightly related to relationships; how could I say 'yes' to him or anyone for that matter? "You said yourself that you weren't looking for a relationship."

"Who said I'm going to start a relationship...I'm just asking you out....for a date." He shrugged. We were pulling in to the hospital parking lot. Though I didn't notice, he really did drive fast. It took him almost 20 minutes to get us here. "So is that a 'Yes' or a 'No'?" he turned off the ignition and turned to me for an answer.

"You should ask Melanie out." I couldn't bare his stare. It felt just like the first day we've met at Mel's. I unhooked my seat belt and turned to the door. 

He grabbed my elbow at once. "Just answer me 'yes' or 'no'...we weren't talking about Melanie here."

I closed my eyes wishing I was anywhere but here "I told you yesterday remember? She's my friend. I don't want to hurt her."

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