Severed Chains: Abyss (book 3)

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Jacob swerved onto the road, "Don't go senile on us old man." He cried out as we flew onto the freeway as several black cars pursued us.

      "I can't be any crazier than you and your driving." Our mentor said shaking his head. It was true, Jacob was speeding down the freeway at least 100mph, and the cult was on our heels.

      "Well do you want to go with them? Or come with us?" Jacob asked, almost hitting another car, but missing it by an inch.

      "Which is safer?" Was Gustav's reply.

      I shook my head, "Jacob shut up and focus. Gustav, here."

      I reached into Jacob's messenger bag and pulled out the small brown package and shoved it into Gustav's hands. From the front seat Majo called out, "Oh shit, they are ahead of us too."

      "Call in some backup." Cassie cried to Majo.

      "I tried back in the airport. The emergency lines are down. Something is going on."

      "Dang it," Cassie whined.

      As we stared ahead, a black van swerved ahead of us, and the back doors opened revealing a man with what looked like a large metal pipe.

      "Oh boy," Majo whispered. Jacob swerved as hard as he could to the side, and the SUV tilted, nearly flipping as a missile flew past us. I turned to see the explosion taking out one of our pursuers.

      "Keep driving like this, and maybe he will take out all of his friends." Majo laughed.

      "We can't go back to your homes." Gustav suddenly said.

      "What?" I asked in confusion.

      "Fate's Hand obviously knows where you live," Gustav said matter of factly.

      "So, then where?" Majo asked.

      "What about the kids?" I interrupted suddenly.

      "Where are they?" Gustav replied in haste as Jacob swerved again, dodging another missile.

      "Mother's studio," I told him.

      "They should be fine, but we have to lose the Fate's Hand before we get there. Ragnarok will take them from there." Gustav said, looking down at the book.

      "Why can't we protect them?" Cassie cried out; Jacob swerved again.

      "You're going to be very busy." His voice was grim.

      "Busy.?" I asked.

      "I don't have time to explain; we have to lose them. Hold this." Gustav shoved the book into my hands, climbed over Cassie, and leaned out the window. I realized he was wearing a Techno-Encase Bracelet; a T.E.B. Suddenly in his hands appeared a shotgun. The crazy old man cocked the gun and fired. Staring back at the van ahead of us, it swerved and hit the railing, blowing up.

      "Go old man." Majo cheered and pumped his fist. Gustav quickly faced behind us cocking the gun again. Gunfire came from behind us, and he nearly fell out the window.

      "Gustav!" Cassie cried pulling him back in.

      He was covered in blood.

      "No." I began to cry out, and he lifted his head, sitting up and looking out the back window.

      "You're alright.?" I cried out.

      "I never took the cure for the Legion venom. I can't die." He whispered, pulling out a pocket knife and digging the bullet out of his chest. He cried out in pain, "It doesn't mean that it still doesn't hurt like Hell. The bullet clattered to the floor.

      "Dammit, Gustav; you're getting blood all over my car," Jacob said from up front. Suddenly the sky began to grow dark, and lightning flashed.

      "It was a clear day out. What's going on.?" Cassie screeched as more gunfire went off. I watched in terror as a pentagram appeared above in the sky, glowing a deep and evil red and I could hear the evil chanting.

      "They are trying to open the gates here. Just like in Trenton." Gustav said, holding his wound.

      "How can they--?" I began to ask.

      "Xeno Staedtler." Gustav cut me off, "The gates are already beginning to open, Xeno needs the Book to open them the rest of the way. They aren't going to hold back now."

       Looking out the back window, I saw the Fate's Hand chasing us had stopped. Our car suddenly screeched to a halt sending us all lurching forward. The tires squealed, and the stink of burning rubber floated in the windows.

       "We got a problem," Jacob growled. Jacob got out of the car, and we all followed suit.

       My mouth dropped open as I stared. Before was was a chasm. The freeway was gone, and there was no sign of it ahead of us. I turned back around, and the chasm was same less than 100 feet behind us.

Jake A. Strife

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