Severed Chains: Abyss (book 3)

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I held Jewelz tight to my chest and stared at the wall of fire licking the air; reaching for us. The air in the portal was burning out, and breathing was becoming impossible. I wanted to cry out, it was so hot, but it would only use up more of our air. I realized no one had ever tried a portal to Hell before besides demons themselves. A portal no human being was meant to traverse. It could have been fatal. It seemed like a huge mistake. I suddenly wanted to see Akira and Tobias again. I wanted to have them in my arms.

           Shutting my eye tight, I imagined them and then they were there. I could see them. I was seeing through my bad eye and seeing them in a car with the three operatives we left them with. They were sad, but they were alive. The fire was upon us, it burnt so bad. I had no choice. I finally opened my mouth and screamed worse than I had ever screamed before. My allies were screaming as well as the fire engulfed us.

           BOOM. We were falling through the air; through utter blackness. The fires were gone, and I could see nothing at all. I wasn't even sure if Majo, Cassie or Jewelz were still with me. All I knew was the darkness was the saddest, depressing feeling I had ever felt. I gave up on life, on hope, on everything.

           BA-BAMM. I hit something solid and rolled onto my back. Finally, I realized I had to open my eyes to see again. Slowly everything came into perspective. My friends all were climbing to their feet. Majo reached down and offered me help up. I took it and looked around. Above was the portal we had come through. It was so high we would never be able to reach it again. I realized that we had no way back. We had no way to even contact the Naias to get us back.

          Surrounding us, was nothing but a wasteland. Nothing moved, and there was no wind at all. The sky was black, and there were no light sources besides a sort of ambient glow to the sand beneath our feet. Majo's hand landed on my shoulder and turned me around to face what had not been there a moment before. A pair of gates stood before us. They were made of bone, dark black metal, and patches of flesh. Blood seeped from random points. The most disturbing part was the gates hung slightly ajar.

        No demons or devils were visibly making their way out, but I knew Gustav had said they were already invading Earth. I looked to each of my allies in turn. Jewelz looked scared, Majo looked determined, and Cassie's expression was blank as if she were in shock. I was the only who had ever seen this before although I could not remember it. The abyss had been my home for eons, yet I had no wish to return.

         "Home sweet home," I said as I headed towards the gate.

         "Do you remember any of this?" Majo asked as he joined me.

         "No. Not at all." I responded annoyed. If I had remembered any of it, I would have told them. Cassie and Jewelz ran to catch up and what seemed like a five-minute walk turned into an hour, and the gate was much larger than what we had originally anticipated.

         "God damn," Majo whispered staring up at the massive gates.

         "Exactly," I told him, approaching the gate. He probably gave me a look at my smart-ass remark, but I didn't care. I saw an inscription on the gate. It was familiar, and I remembered it, but part of it was scratched out by claw marks.

         The words remaining: "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here."

         I read them aloud as my allies stood beside me. I heard Jewelz whimper. I knew she was totally out of place there. An Angel in Hell; would she even be able to become Ael in such a place?

"How's Ael?" I asked her.

She shook her head, "She's afraid and angry, but not hiding. She still wants to come out."

         "Alright. Good. We will need her down here." I whispered.

         Majo walked to the gate and tried pushing it closed. It didn't budge.

         "Was worth a shot." He laughed, still keeping humor in such a terrible place.

         For being a human, he was sure to calm. Maybe we all relied on Ael and Beezlebub too much. Shaking my head, I walked through up to the Gate and looked inside. There was nothing beyond the gate but darkness.

         "Longer we wait, the longer--" I had started to say when something from the darkness grabbed me. Skeletal hands held me and pulled me through. I roared and struggled, but it was like trying to move a building. They were too damn strong. I was pushed out the other side of the darkness by the hands, and I stood before a bright green river, that stretched as far as the eye can see. My allies were similarly thrust through to that side as well.

         "Glad you could make it," I told them. I walked to the river's edge, and something floated up from the water. Backing up I stared as a boat emerged with a black cloaked figure on it, in its and it held a huge scythe.

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