Severed Chains: Abyss (book 3)

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Nothing had been going right since we entered Hell. Even to think of the words entering Hell was insane yet there we were. I had not wanted to take on such a deadly mission, thinking surely there were other operatives in the Ragnarok Organization that could have gone and done what we were sent to do. Then again there was no one else.  Ael was with us, and Beelzebub; which meant Jacob and Jewelz. Majo and I would never let them go alone.

We were all friends forever and friends for life, and it was our most dangerous quest ever. When we awoke along the edge of the River Styx after falling down that waterfall we were instantly taken prisoner by pig demons; gross, vile things. They knocked us out and who knows what happened in the time we were unconscious, but we woke up without our clothes and in skimpy loincloths.

    They also took our supplies. The strangest part of it all was I heard my name being called in my unconscious, “Cassie.” It had said, “Cassandra Stargaze.” It was calling my maiden name. Confused, I came to and found our guards dead, just like in Chicago years before, but this time I heard the one freeing us.

    On the cell near my feet was a rolled up scroll, I grabbed it and scurried out into the hallway and saw a shadow running away. I grabbed Jewelz and shook her awake. In a daze, she followed me, and we ran after the mysterious figure. Finally, I slowed down when we came to a set of stairs, and a horde of demons tore past us. We were ready to fight, but not a single one attempted to stop us, leaving Jewelz and I confused as to what could scare a demon.

    At the top of the stairs, we found our men, in loincloths as well. Soon we ambushed some guards, stole their garments, and we escaped, using the scroll I had found. Then when we finally made it to the gate; it was locked. With a sigh, we set off to the west...

    One thing I had noticed, that seemed to be on all of our minds was how Hell was effecting Jacob. He was returning to his old edgy and rude self. More than that I was afraid Beezlebub was taking control of him. As we trekked the five miles farther through the scorching Hell-desert,  we mostly stayed quiet, and I worried about Krayko. Gustav had said demons were already up on Earth invading. Would there really be anywhere safe?

Majo’s arm wrapped around my shoulder, “Don’t worry, it’s not much farther!”

It wasn’t what was on my mind, but it should have been. I was growing thirsty and whatever supplies Gustav had given us were stolen. I wondered how the demons survived down there, with no water or anything. Then again, demons probably drank blood or something else gross. The sky above still held that same fireball from the arena, but that was all that was there. The rest of it was dark.

Every so often we came across the bones of creatures I didn’t recognize. One looked like a dragon.

“Hope we don’t run into any of those!” Majo laughed.

“We’d just kill it too,” Jacob replied without even looking back at us. Majo furrowed his brow angrily; he was being pushed, and sooner or later he was going to go off on him, and the last thing we needed was a fight between us in Hell.

“There’s something up ahead.” Jacob suddenly said holding up his hand to stop us.

“Nothing we can’t handle,” Majo said, continuing to walk.

“Majo, wait,” Jewelz spoke up.

At that, he stopped and looked ahead. I saw it too a moment later. It was a skeletal creature; a gargantuan one. Despite having no muscles, the creature that looked like it had been a gigantic lizard moved around, bumping its head into what looked like several covered wagons.

“What do we do? I don’t even have a weapon.” I whispered.

“Let’s just stay off its radar,” Majo said.

“No. That caravan could have supplies we need. Let’s just kill the damn thing.” Jacob said coldly, summoning Occisor Agustus and heading toward it.

“Jacob, no!” Jewelz called after him. I looked to Majo, who nodded and ran up beside Jacob.

“I won’t let you fight it alone.” He told him, “It’s as big as a bus.”

“You’re a human. You’ll just get in the way.” I heard Jacob say coldly.

Majo stopped in his tracks; hurt. Jewelz and I stayed back and watched, scared for Jacob as he walked right up to the massive skeleton demon. The creature turned its enormous horned head and let out a roar that we could feel from 30 yards away. Jacob continued to walk right towards it, sword in hand. The creature snapped out at him with his jaws. I closed my eyes, and the sound of grinding screeched out across the wasteland. I peeked open one eye and saw Jacob had his sword held against the gaping maw of the skeleton lizard.

It attempted to snap and thrash, but Jacob was holding it tight. Finally, the creature whipped its long tail around at Jacob. Then he was gone and in the air above it. We all watched as Jacob cleaved the sword straight down through the skull of the monster and with a tremendous thud it fell to pieces. I wondered exactly how innocent the creature had been. It hadn’t done anything wrong, Jacob just approached it, provoked it and killed it. I felt bad.

We all head over, Majo lingering in the back. Jacob was already searching inside one of the covered wagons by the time we made it over. Suddenly a gray pack came flying out and landed at our feet, then another; a third and a fourth. Each had a canteen of water tied to it. The bags looked almost exactly like the ones that we had received in Atlantis.

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