Severed Chains: Abyss (book 3)

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Link 14: (Cassie) The First Lord



“This really wasn’t the smartest option.” Jewelz looked at me and said, Telum Aether in her hand.

“With these boys, is it ever?” I responded as we followed them inside.

Another wall fell in our way and became a victim to the savage power of Majo Berenson. It exploded as well and the process repeated making our way through ring after ring of wall heading towards the inner sanctum. Running through wall after wall was reckless and I much rather have snuck in, but it was far too late at that point. Each ring was pushing farther inside and things such as mess halls, barracks, and sleeping quarters blew past us.

The pig-faced guards didn’t know what to make of it all or how to respond; four humans invading their fortress by making their own doors. Finally, we reached the main building, and a huge pair of steel double doors blocked our way. Before even trying to open them Majo just threw one last punch blasting them open.

Majo huffed and puffed and looked around. Guards armed with spears and pikes of all kinds were coming at us from all directions.

“Let’s go!” He called out, and we all ran in before him.

Once inside I spun around and started firing the guns at the pig face demons attempting to get inside. I was shocked, but I didn’t let up as blue energy fired out of the guns with each shot. The energy sizzled through the air and left blue streaks of ice as it struck the monsters. One blast to the head froze them where they stood, and another shattered them. The guns weren’t using bullets at all, but icy energy--I loved it!

The others stared for a moment then quickly found objects to barricade the doorway with. Majo picked up a huge steel door and laid it sideways. Jacob shot fire out of his palm melding the doors to the walls. Soon the ugly things could only see inside and shout through small cracks. I walked up to the nearest break and put a gun to it, firing, blasting one dead for good measure. The group turned to me acknowledging my new weapons.

“Nice, aren’t they?” I said slyly, holding them out for my friends to see.

“Guns,” Jacob said shaking his head as he headed toward the staircase.

“Cool, Get it? Cool!” Majo laughed, and Jewelz just pushed Majo from behind towards the stairs sighing.

I smiled, “I get it.” and I followed them up the staircase that led up along the inside of the square tower. Guards came running down the stairs at us, but before they ever got anywhere near, I blasted them away. Those unlucky enough to survive my initial blast fell to their deaths and shattered on the floor far below. A few levels higher and we came to a long hallway with skulls lining the ceilings and floor. At the end was a huge red double door.

“MukShaba is through there,” Jacob said sounding very sure.

We walked down that hall with purpose. Side by side. No one was going to stop us. We were going to get that key and proceed to the second level of Hell. No foe would be able to get in our way. We were confident, but in all honesty, we were foolish. At the end of the hall we Majo kicked the doors open, and guards came at us from all directions. The mere pig soldiers were no match for any of us. They went down in mere moments and on the throne at the other end was a small jester look-a-like demon. He smiled wide at us with an evil grin out of this world. The corners of his mouth rolled up in a way that wasn’t possible.

“So the humans have come to me, hehe!”

“Yes, MukShaba, we have come for you,” Julie said swinging Telum Aether in front of her.

His blue and green jester stripes convulsed as he laughed. It was not an outfit; it was actually his skin. Even the little bells atop of his hat stalks were connected to flesh.

“Let’s take care of him quick, Jewelz. This guy is a joke.” Jacob said with no emotion.

“You think you can defeat me? Why would you even want to?” His voice was incredibly creepy.

“We want the key. We’re going to defeat Takonian and destroy the Abyss!” Majo told him.

“Well, by all means, let’s play!” He began laughing and lifting his hands in the air. Balls of light began floating around the room in a circle, and creepy almost carnival-like music came out of nowhere. The circular chamber glowed bright and dark with the dimming of each willowisp. I kept my guard up as the balls bounced up and down still going in a circle surrounding us.

MukShaba did not even rise to his feet. I heard Jacob growl and yell, “Enough!”

Jacob charged going full devil. As Beelzebub, he had grown to several feet in height and his black bat wings spread out in full demonic glory. But before he reached MukShaba he stopped and dropped to his knees.

“Jacob?” Jewelz cried out.

He roared and spun to face her. His eyes glowed brighter than I had ever seen them and without a moment of warning, he charged at her. The crazed Beezlebub swung his sword at her, and she instantly thrust up the Telum Aether to block his blow. Sparks erupted and the air burnt between the weapons.

“Jacob Stop!” Majo yelled. Then Beezlebub was upon Majo.

“Whoo boy this is fun!” MukShaba cried out watching the chaos.

Majo swung his arm back and thrust forward connecting right into Beezlebub’s jaw. My mouth dropped open wide. Majo had just contended with Jacob as his demon self. I was impressed that Majo had grown so strong.

“Never could have done that to Azen.” He said walking towards Jacob.

Jewelz ran over to Jacob who was slowly turning back into his normal form. He shook his head sitting up, “What the Hell just happened?”

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