Severed Chains: Abyss (book 3)

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I awoke to a thudding sound.

"Who's there?" I whispered. I barely heard myself.

     I rolled over on my side and saw Serenitalia and Cassie were still cuddled up on the floor and Jacob was sprawled out on the single bed. The only light illuminating the room came from the glow outside the window and under the crack of the door. The thud came again.

      "Hold your damn horses," I grumbled, standing up and heading for the door.

       I opened it, and there stood an angry fish dude, "I believe you have something of mine." His voice bubbled.

"Ah. Um no. Your little fish bowl and castle you swim under aren't here."

He didn't look amused, "The girl. I want my Demaling."

       "Look there's no Demaling in here, so you just walk away now before things get ugly." I looked up at him with tired eyes, "Oh wait you already are ugly."

"Look Demo, you hand over my Dema, and I won't be forced to bring the fury of Jojolock upon you."

       "Look. We don't want any. Go away." I shut the door in his face and clicked the lock.

       Suddenly light flashed from underneath the door, and it blasted inwards, crashing into me and sending me across the room.

       "What the Hell!?" "What was that!?" "Urgh..." Came the three voices of my companions.

       I crawled out from under the door and climbed to my feet, "Now what'd ya go and have to do that for?"

       I stared into the fishman's eyes who was holding a trident, sparking with electricity.

       "What the Hell do you think you're gonna do with that?" I asked as Jacob came up behind me.

       "There she is." He said pointing at Serenitalia.

       She chirped something that I couldn't understand and hid behind Cassie.

       "You made a fair trade. The Demaling for my wife." Jacob shook his head.

       "Not a fair trade. She was stolen from us. We either want her back or the Demaling."

       "Not our fault you can't keep tabs on your own property. Now kindly go away." It was my ultimatum to them.

       "Not without the girl."

       Shaking my head and exchanging glances with Jacob was his final warning. A few minutes later we were being kicked out of the inn by a pissed off tavern owner. He grumbled and complained in a language none of us, save maybe Serenitalia, could understand. The broken boned, unconscious fishman was also thrown out into the street.

       "Great. What time is it?" I yawned cracking my neck.

       "Don't know. Holo-decks don't work here." Jacob replied.

       "Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned watch?"

       "Who owns a watch?" Cassie put in.

       I almost chuckled because I did own one, it was just back at the house which had most likely already been destroyed.

"We had better move. Who know's how much longer Belorn will give us." Jacob was serious, and I didn't blame him one bit.

       As we walked towards the east end of the city, Cassie kept yawning, and Serenitalia mocked her. I began wondering what we were going to do with the young girl. She wasn't full-blooded demon, so I doubted she had any special combat powers. The way it looking she was going to end up being a liability.

       "Jacob, should we just leave her here?" I said, trying not to sound suspicious.

       "I thought about that already, but she is probably safer with us than leaving her here. She'll just end up a slave again."

       "I hope the next level isn't more dangerous than what we've faced so far," Cassie said also looking to Jacob.

       "Nyah. ruun mukchekalitiakil. Ruun." Serenitalia said, joining in on the conversation.

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