Severed Chains: Fateless (book 1)

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White flashes burst before my closed eyes. I struggled to open them, but they heavier than cement. Voices fluttered about me, and I could barely make them out. I couldn't figure out if were dreaming, or I'd entered a nightmare of some sort. My arms felt pinned, and I couldn't move.

"Majo?" A girl's voice cried.

I tried to respond, but my mouth wouldn't open. Something smothered my face. Could the voice be Claire's? Had the plane gone down after all? Could Julie have been wrong?

"Majo please don't die!" The girl cried again.

A guy's voice shot back, "Hush! You have to address your superior by his rank!"

"R-right, it's just he's dying!" she replied.

Dying? No, I didn't want to die. I needed to get revenge for Claire. That robed woman from the plane had my answers. I fought to stay awake; death would not find me on this day.

"You're not helping!" the guy said again. "He doesn't appear to have any mortal wounds, but I can't say about internal bleeding. I'm no doctor!"

"Where's the freaking doctor?" The girl's voice remained panicked. "Doctor! Doctor! We found a survivor! It's Majo! We need help!"

"CAPTAIN Berenson!" the guy snapped.

"Who cares?" She cried. "He needs medical attention, A.S.A.P!"

"If he wakes up, do you want reprimanded?"

"He wouldn't do that!"

"Why wouldn't he?" The guy said.

"Because he's a sweet, kind, man!" She replied as if she knew me. I certainly didn't know her.

"There's a doctor!" He said. "Don't drop him now!"

"He's heavy!" She whimpered. With that, I fell, and a sharp pain cracked into the back of my skull. Everything then went silent.

A steady beeping came to my ears sometime later. I didn't feel any pain; in fact, I felt a numb, as if I'd been in a deep sleep. This time, when I dared to try, my eyes opened. Bright white light blasted my senses, and I quickly closed them again. Cursing silently, I lifted my arm and felt a sharp tug. With a deep breath, I braved the light and opened my eyes once more.

I stared at the ceiling of a room with olive green walls. An old HD TV hung mounted on the wall opposite my bed. Sighing, I looked at the IV connected to my arm, then to the bag of clear liquids dripping inside. Hydration, most likely. I seemed to be alone unless someone hid in the bathroom on the left-hand side.

As I sat up, I expected to feel pain, but I had none.

"What the hell happened?" I whispered, rubbing my crusty eyes. "One minute we were fine, and the next, this?"

I went to move the heavy blankets when the door to the room burst open, and a red-headed woman walked in, with what looked like a chimichanga hanging from her mouth.

In a blue, army blouse, and long skirt, she froze mid-step. Turning, she stared at me with huge eyes. Behind her freckles, and short shaggy hair, she appeared quite lovely. I had half a mind to flirt, that is until she opened her mouth and the chimichanga hit the floor.

"O.M.G!" she cried. "Majo you're alive! You're actually alive!"

The woman rushed to my side and grabbed my hand. "Are you all right? Are you in pain? I can get the nurses to give you more pain meds! Or I can read you the news from my Holo-Tablet. Let me go get it!"

"N-no!" I stammered. "I'm fine! Just tell me who are you and what's going on?"

"Whatever you say, Majo!" she said. "I'm First Lieutenant, Lexingly Wakil. I've been assigned to keep watch on you ever since the crash!"

"The crash?" I whispered and glared at the ceiling. "Goddammit. It crashed after all!" Turning to look at Wakil, I asked, "What about Julie Ulicia? Where is she?"

"Who's Julie Ulicia?" Wakil tilted her head, then frowned. "She isn't your girlfriend, is she?"

Before Wakil could answer, a man, in a similarly blue army uniform walked in. Instead of a skirt, of course, he wore pants, as well as a beret. He swallowed whatever he'd been chewing on, and started, also with wide eyes.

"Captain Berenson, sir!" the guy said.

"Name and rank, soldier?" I asked.

Immediately he saluted and said, "First Lieutenant Wilshire Coldwell, sir! Alongside 1LT. Wakil, I've been assigned to keep watch on you. We found you by the exploded plane."

"It exploded?" My brows furrowed. "How? There was only a hole in the side..."

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