Severed Chains: Fateless (book 1)

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Link 14: (Julie) Lunar Lupines



Cassie grabbed my arm and hid behind me. I could feel her trembling through her fingers. Swallowing hard, I looked over my shoulder to see the lake behind us. Our only chance at escaping the freaks would be to jump in and swim. To my great dismay, in my sixteen years, I'd never learned how.

I turned back to the Lunar Lupines and said, "What do you mean, our souls?"

The leader looked back at his posse and laughed. When not a single other made a sound, he gave a forced, louder laugh. One of the guys grunted, and one, a female, coughed.

"Dammit, your morons! LAUGH!" the leader snapped.

In unison, they all burst into seemingly uncontrollable laughter. He turned back to face us, and opened his mouth to speak, but stopped. The group still laughed. A vein popped out on his forehead as he furrowed brows. "Okay, STOP laughing!"

Cassie whispered into my ear. "These guys are idiots. I think we can escape if we jump in the lake!"

Through my clenched teeth, I said, "Did you forget? I can't swim."

"Doggy paddle?" she asked, tightening her grip on my arm

"Not enough to save my life!"

"The short is only thirty feet away!" she argued.

I shook my head fervently. "They're over here! We'd need to get to the other side. I can't do it!"

"Dammit!" Cassie whispered.

The leader looked back to us. "So, I've been tasked with killing all of you... unfortunately, it seems only two of you are here. What a pity."

"ALL of us?" I asked, cocking a brow.

"Yeah. She told me you'd all be in the woods tonight. We'll just have to get them later. For now, it's you two."

He walked towards us, holding his arms out to the side. The rest of his gang stayed put.

"Can't we talk about this?" Cassie pleaded, still cowering behind me.

"They want to talk, Mike!" the girl laughed.

"I HEARD them!" the leader, apparently Michael, shot back.

His green eyes landed on me, and he licked his lips like a hungry dog. "Maybe we can talk. At least long enough for your companions to get here."

"We can stall him!" Cassie whispered.

"But we don't have companions!" I whispered back.

"Just go with it!" she argued.

Micheal held out a finger and curled it towards him. I swallowed hard, and he nodded. With hesitance, I took a couple of steps forward, and he did the same. We now stood only four feet away from one another. He pointed to the wooden dock. I furrowed my brows again. "What?"

"Get on your knees, girlie. You may just be able to save you and your friend's lives." He gave a wicked, grin.

It dawned on me then; I knew what he wanted. A cold chill ran through my spine as I lowered to one knee and he stepped forward, so his crotch was in my face.

"You know what to do!" he said.

Again I hesitated, but if I didn't do something both of us were going to be tortured and probably killed. I'd been on my knees twice in one day, for equally arrogant assholes. I reached up with one hand and grabbed his belt buckle. He laughed.

"Oh, shit! She's gonna do it! Everyone gets a round!" He cheered.

I pulled his belt hard, and he came forward. Instead of what he wanted, he got a fist to the nuts. Michael gasped and staggered back, holding his crotch. He fell into one of his shadowy friend's arms.

"G-get them!" He moaned. "I want BOTH of them on their knees, now!"

A woman with a red, spiked mohawk, stepped from the shadows. She dressed just the same as Michael, leather jacket with no shirt underneath, jeans, and boots. She had only one difference; a large silver chain hung around her neck. My mind flashed back to the chains on the airplane. Each person had one from their backs.

As I looked past them, I could make out the faint appearance of chains coming out of their backs. This situation someone related to Flight 412. But how? And WHO sent them? Michael had said the word, 'she'.

The Mohawk girl walked towards me, and I held up my fists. "Julie, don't! We have to swim!"

"I won't lose another fight today!" I said and swung a punch

I hit her in the jaw, but she turned back, lifted her booted foot and kicked me in the stomach. With no air in my lungs, I stumbled back into Cassie's arms.

Mohawk wiped blood from the corner of her mouth and examined it on her hand. She lifted her eyes, glaring. "You little bitch. I'm going to make sure you feel extreme pain before Michael is done with you!"

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