Severed Chains: Fateless (book 1)

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The sun set as I waited at our normal hangout spot. A place we'd spray-painted with silver paint. We'd covered everything from the tree trunks to rocks, to old pieces of furniture we'd dragged from a nearby abandoned house. Camp Silver, we called it

"What's keeping Azen?" I sighed and rubbed my blind eye. For some reason, it burned.

I tried to blink it out, but it only seemed to get worse.

"Damn man," I muttered.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I fished it out and looked at the screen. It held a message from Azen.


'Sorry man, I forgot the beer and had to go back for it. The craziest shit just went down. You're not going to believe it. I'll be there soon to fill you in.'


I rolled my eye and sighed. As I stood up and stretched, I walked to the edge of the treeline. I'd seen the girls in the woods on my way to Camp Silver, but I'd avoided them. I had no reason to speak to either of them, but I had to admit, even through the shadows, they both looked pretty cute. The girls were slowly making their away around the lake to the dock if I had to guess. One wore a bright orange tank top and other a white one, and they were both in shorts and flipflops.

"What are two girls doing out here by themselves?" I muttered. "It's dangerous."

I held up my phone and scrolled through my notifications. Vale had sent one far earlier. I just typed, 'K'. Not long after my phone dinged. I glanced at it to find a picture of Vale in a towel, showing off her cleavage. I just typed, 'Won't be making it tonight'. My mind wandered too much to be bothered by her shenanigans. A long message came in several seconds later. It looked angry. Still, I chose to basically ignore her. I typed, 'K'.  After that, I didn't get a response.

"She probably threw her phone..." I murmured, hardly caring. She wanted me at her house for one thing, and I didn't need that to survive; I needed clarity on everything that had gone down since morning.

"Hey man!" Azen said and smacked me in the back with something heavy.

I stumbled into a tree and turned back to glare at the bastard. He pulled a beer can from the six pack and handed it to me. Shaking my head, I sighed. "I don't feel like getting wasted."

"Then don't, just have one!" Azen said, then held his hand to his chin. "That's usually enough for you, ain't it?"

"Look." I pointed across the lake. "There's those crazy girls. They shouldn't be out here alone..."

"Let's go keep 'em company!" Azen said as he popped open a beer.

I shrugged. "You can. I'm content staying right where I am."

"You don't want to get laid?" He asked with a cocked brow.


"That's not what Vale says in her blog."

"Wait, what?" My eye widened. "She didn't!"

"She DID!" Azen laughed. "She even posted a video."

My face burned red. "Hell no, you're lying!"

"What was it you told her, 'Be my Bouncy Bouncy Bunny Rabbit'?

"That BITCH!" I said and unleashed a string of foul curses. "I'm ending it with her. That's inexcusable!"

I held up my phone and started to type a message when a scream came from across the lake, followed by mad splashing.

"What the hell?" Azen and I both said.

We stuck our heads out of the woods and stared in shock. One girl swam towards the platform in the center of the lake, while the other flailed. On the docks stood a group of several people.

"Holy crap," I said. "We have to help!"

Without a second thought, I burst out of the woods and ran to my left, along the lake. Azen caught up, being the faster of us.

"I love a good fight!" Azen laughed. "We can take those scrawny-looking bastards!"

"Right, but first I have to save that girl!" I said.

As we made a dozen yards from the docks, I tore off my red jacket and tossed it into the sand. Kicking off my shoes, I dove into the lake. The girl stopped splashing and sank under the water.

"Julie!" the other girl screamed.

I dove under and spotted bubbles and a sinking form. Swimming as hard as I could, I kicked and made it to the girl. Quickly, I pulled her to the surface. The other girl, a blonde with sagging pigtails, made it to us, and together we made out way back to shore. I watched Azen walking to the dock.

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