Severed Chains: Fateless (book 1)

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The rain had just begun to fall as we trekked the gravel path through the woods. Azen walked a few feet ahead, looking around every few seconds, making sure we weren't being followed. Who knew where the majority of the Lupines had gone. Julie picked up her pace and walked next to Azen.

"So, it's his birthday tomorrow?" she asked.

Azen held out his arms and shrugged. "Yeah, we usually go to that old amusement park in Pittsburgh, but he just said we'd go to the mall and see a movie. How boring, right?"

"Hey, I like movies!" I said, picking up my own pace to walk on the other side of Azen.

"Then why don't you come?" Azen glanced at me. "I'd love to have you there."

I could feel myself blushing hard. "Y-you want me to come along? Like a date?"

"Well, it's hardly a date. Jacob will be there. But we can hang!" He said. "It'd be nice to have someone as beautiful as you around."

I blushed so hard I felt like my face would explode at any second. "C-can Julie come? She could be Jacob's date. Then it would be a double date!"

Azen laughed. "Oh, if you want to invoke the wrath of Vale! She's his girlfriend or something like that. I think. Who knows? They break up every other week."

Julie and I exchanged glances. We'd already faced Valerie's wrath once. Doing so again would be ill advised. Julie shook her head. "No, thanks. I have to pay Jacob back somehow and return his jacket, but a date? I mean we probably don't even have anything in common!"

Something in Julie's voice proved her to be full of it. She found Jacob cute, at the very least. Even still, Vale stood in the way of that romance, and probably always would. If she stepped on Vale's toes anymore, the crazy bitch might use that knife to slit her throat or cut off a finger.

Through the light rain, I heard the snapping sound of a twig. Azen heard it too because he stopped and held his arms out to stop both us.

"Do you think it's them?" I asked. "Damn that Jacob for taking off!"

"Don't blame Jacob!" Julie came to his defense. "He probably had something important to take care of."

"Nah, he's shy as shit when it comes to girls he likes."

"W-What?" Julie gasped. "You think he likes me?"

At that point, Azen's phone dinged. He pulled it from his pocket and said, "You girls keep an eye out. I just got a text from Jacob."

I watched the woods on the right side of the path.

"Okay let's see..." Azen muttered, holding up his phone. "Tell Julie that I'm sorry. I'm just... shy. Please ask her to forgive me, and next time I owe her a milkshake or Jullas or something. I'm SUCH an idiot for not staying and talking to her. But don't say that part. She was even cuter in person. I wish I would've had the courage to tell her."

Julie's jaw dropped open, and Azen chuckled. "Oops. Guess I wasn't sposed to read THAT part out loud."

"He DOES like you!" My eyes widened. I grabbed Julie's hand and hopped from one foot to the other. "Now we NEED to have a double date. Forget that stupid, pink-haired skank! This is like, destiny, or something."

Julie shook her head as she covered her mouth.

I giggled. "Maybe he'll even ask you to prom! Or you know what, YOU ask HIM to prom. I think that's even more romantic!"

"Speaking of prom..." Azen said. "It's just three days away, and I haven't found a date."

"Oh poo! I haven't found one either." I said and stepped around in front of him, clasping my hands before me.

Julie groaned, but I ignored it. Azen grinned. "Really? What a coincidence! Maybe this is destiny too!"

"Are you asking me to be your date?" I asked, my heart beating a mile a minute.

Azen nodded. "I just might possibly maybe am."

"Yes!" I cried and wrapped my arms around him. My head only game to the bottom of his chest; I only stood at five feet with shoes.

I released Azen as he gasped for air. "Wow! Cassie, you have quite the bear hug!"

"Oh, geez..." Julie sighed. I screwed up my face at her, then turned back to Azen. "I'm stronger than I look!"

Azen chuckled, but his face turned serious. "Let's get moving. That asshole leader of the Lupines could be following us."

As we walked once more, he held his phone and threw me a wink. I brought mine up, and they touched. A notification dinged that we'd exchanged numbers. I could barely contain a squee. Azen had to be the hottest guy in the school, and he liked me. No one ever liked me.

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