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Racer Run

   The next day August was at the police station working in his office "Tyler what are you working on right now"he asked "That puppet case our suspect has just vanished without a trace"August responded. "Ok well hold it off for a minute there's a new case I need you to investigate the undergorund racing games they keep moving around the city I need you to find out where their gonna be next"the captain said "I'm on it"August said. 

As walked out the Azezl asked "Were going aren't we" "Yes, yes we are" August said. That night in a highway underneth a bridge everyon was excited and were drinking great amounts of any alchol beverage they could get their hands the announcer a man in a green outfit with red hair began to stand up on top of a car. As he took a chug of vodka and he scremed "WHAT'S UP YOU ANIMALS", the crowd began to scream.

 "NOW WE GOT A LOT OF COMPLAINTS ABOUT OUR MUSIC BEING TOO LOUD, SO WERE JUST GONNA TONE IT DOWN FOR THEM"the anouncer screamed the crowd began to become bored and angry "HA HA HA HA I'M JUST KIDDDING LET'S WAKE THOSE LOSERS UP"he screamed the began to scream even louder. "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT TONIGHT'S FIRST RACE WILL BE RACED BY ME AND OUR CREATOR MICHEAL SIMMIOS"he screamed the crowd even more louder. 

Micheal waved to everyon he was a man with blonde in a red outfitthe two got in their cars and they began to start their engines the flag girl stood in between them "READY.....SET......GO"she screamed. The race and with great speed they took off both trying to knock the other off the road, then all of a sudden Micheal saw Shadowstrom in sitting in the back off his car. "Micheal Simmons"he said "What the hell"Micheal said as toward around with his gun. He that it was nothing, so he continued with the race he saw Shadowstorm again when he was flying next to his car.

 Shadowstorm grabbed him by the neck Micheal tried to shoot him,but it was usless the bullet went right through him. "What the hell are you what do want from me"Micheal asked as he was being choked "I am Shadowstorm and your races desicrated many souls,so what I want as you so put it is revenge and justice"he said. "Please I'm sorry please leave"Micheal said. "As you wish,but just remember you will never see the light of day again"Shadowstorm said as he reaptly bashed Micheal's head into the windshilds knocking him out. Shadowstorm forced the car to colide with the other casisng them both too explode in a giant fire ball. In the mist of the he used his magic converge the cars into one car that was still on fire.

 The car began to drive faster and ,and even more faster becoming even more contaminated. It soon drove off the track,and crashed into a giant glass building that was still full of people. As it crashed in it exploded on contact killing every single person in the building not only that,but the crash aslo caused the building to come crashing down. As Shadowstorm stood on top of a nearby building little did he was being watched by Lilith in a her own chabers through a crystal ball. "I see,so he has chossen a vessel well it would seem if I am too claim the throne for myself I will need too chose my own vessel,and I know just the soul HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA"she said.        

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#104 in Fantasy
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Story about: a man who seeks redemption

Edited: 27.11.2019

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