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The portal to the underworld began to open more with every minute. As August picked himself off the ground he realized he could still use a little bit off his powers. "Guys we have to stop her"he said "How she's too powerful"Darksky said. "She's weakend if we can hit in the right spot we imprison her in the underworld you guys distract her I'll handle hitting her"August said. Darksky and Evo began distract her keeping attention away for August to climb up a buildinig that wasn't destroyed. As soon as he saw an opening he jumped to stab her in the heart. She turned around and saw him,but not before he stabbed her in the heart.

 They both fell into the portal as it began to close. As August began to pick himself off the ground Downfall got extremly angry, and began to glow with red energy. "YOU......YOU RUINED EVERYTHING I WAS GONNA CLEANSE THIS WORLD OF EVERYTHING AND YOU RUINED EVERYTHING"she screamed August began to charge her with his sword,but she blasted him with a crimson wave of energy. She flew over to him and picked him up "I win you loose now beg for mercy........SCREAM MY NAME"she demanded "Never"August said "You are beaten and now you shall die"Downfall said as she began to stab him withe her spear. When suddenly a flash of crimson energy shot her. A amn emerged from the smoke it was Azezzl. He walked over to August "Come on we need to merge to finish this"he said they merged once again to become Shadowstorm. When Downfall saw this charged him with her spear. Shadowstorm used his sword to slash her spear in half, then stabbed her in the heart turning her back into a human again. 

"Quickly you must get out of here before the portal closes I'll stay and take care of her" Azezzl said "These powers you have are yours and tell Issac and London they are free"he continued to say. 

"I understand as the two seperated and August flew out of the portal. Azezzel turned his attention to Sydny "This is impossible a am the ruler of the.....underworld...........of everything"she said "You aren't the ruler over the underworld I am"Azezzel said sitting on the throne "Sydny Wilson for your crimes against both the underworld and the mortal world I hear by sentence you to death by inferno"he said. A pillar of fire erupted from below her burning her so hard all that was left was her bones. Meanwhile, when August came out of the portal Issac and London ran to make sure he was ok. He told them that Azzezl said they were free, "Wow this is amazng"Issac said "Yeah,so what do we now"London asked. "Well this city could use a few heros what do yea think"August said. They both agreed as the police came to the crime scene Shadowstorm,Evo,and Darksky stood on top of the roof as the three heros of Neon City.

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Story about: a man who seeks redemption

Edited: 27.11.2019

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