She Is Special

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Pretty inside and outside,she is special, Everywhere she goes she leaves a smile she's kind sometimes she becomes childish just to see a smile on someone's face , She is brave beautiful and very kind, She's smart she doesn't choose, She is sweet that's why the topic is "she is special" i enjoy watching her run around because she gives me a smile i like teasing her just to make her smile because stress anger and depression doesn't suit her because of her beauty....She is unpredictable, undescribable she can take a risk but it's riskys for someone like her...I never knew that strangers can have so much connection but it felt like we once met,  It's amazing to have such a feeling towards a stranger but now we aint strangers anymore we're friends that truly understand each other like never before , Her pain is my pain her sadness is mine and her craziness is mine it's like we are somehow connected to each other...she is jst my left rib that i have been looking for,i felt alive and more confidence in my life..It's like she found me with  a cold heart and  put it in a warm hands...she isn't  just a girl,she is more like an Angel....


I use to sing and shout lounder telling her that you are "special"...Her smile hide lot of things but still looks cute,she's just special i wish i could steal her put her in my bag and runaway with her i wish it was possible she get's me stressed just by seeing a sad face on her but still i try my best to make her happy.I may fail a lot of people but i cannot fail her.I'm gonna say it one more time she is special..You may all ask how special she is?But she made me smile ever since she started staying at the same place as i stay.she makes me feel safe sometimes i just feel like crying when i see her in pain even though she hides it,i can surely tell that she's not fine I'm not perfect but I'm also brave and i know how to take risks, She gives me hope of keeping on going even though i sometimes feel like I'm not worth it to her....Love keeps us moving no matter how hard things may be,i will be there to help because nothing can stop me from being by her side unless she say "she dont need me in her life",then i will sadly leave...she make me believe in  true love,the patience she have...The plans she keep telling me about..she's a dreamer maker,it feels like a movie but its happening...woman are worth it,respect and adore your woman...Always know that she's special...She inspire me,she's a motivate'r..she believe in one heart,one love.....That's a woman!! 

By Ribella


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Edited: 04.10.2019

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