Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

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Chapter Ten: Calm Before the Storm

Celedon smiled as he watched the people down below. He was sitting on the roof of the courthouse, watching as the news reporters tried to catch passerbys attention. They wouldn't be able to get him. He's evaded them many times before. Town to town, city to city. It didn't matter. He was too fast for them. The only reason they were tipped off about his location was because of rumors in the news paper. "Who even reads those anymore?" He thought to himself. It's almost time to head to a new town any way. He pulled his mask over his eyes and stood up. "Those reporters jsut might get their story." He thought as he smirked. Because tonights the night for 'revenge'.


Melissa yawned, and then procceeded to roll off her bed. THUMP. "Could you fall a little quieter?" Samantha joked, sitting up from her spot on the mushroom chair. "Ow." Melissa moaned as she held her shoulder in pain. "Are you okay?" Smantha said leaning over to see Melissa on the floor. Melissa looked up at her and gave a thumbs up. "At least I'm awake!" She said slowly getting up. "What time is it?" Samantha asked. Melissa turned on her phone. "9:14." She stated. Smantha got up and streatched. "Okay." Melissa gabbed a few clothes from her dresser. "Can you call Andrew and tell him to meet us at the park or something?" She said as she headed for the bathroom. Samantha gave a a thumbs up. "On it." She answered. Melissa changed into her regular tee-shirt and jeans combo. "He said he'll meet us around lunch." Smanatha said when Melissa walked back out. "Alright. I'm going to see if my mom is up." Melissa said as she headed for the kitchen. The smell of cooked food confirmed that her mom was indeed up. "Good morning beautiful!" Her mom greeted her with a kiss on the forehead. "I'm making scrambled eggs. Do you want some?" She asked. "I know I do!" Samantha said emerging from Melissa's room, now out of her p.js. "Hello Sam. Want some toast with that?" Melissa's mom asked smiling. "Yes please!" Samantha answered enthusiastically. Melissa took a seat at the table and rubbed her shoulder. "Man, I'm probably going to have a bruise." Her mom looked at her. "That loud noise was you?" She asked. "Yeah, I rolled out of bed." Melissa answered. Melissa's mom worked as a 911 phone operator, which is currently why Melissa is suprised to see her up. "Aren't you supposed to be asleep by now?" She asked as her momc handed her and Samantha plates. "Technically, yes. I got a few naps in, but I need to do some house work today while it's my day off." Her mom replied. "I'll help out! Get some sleep!" Melissa said. "Yeah!" Samantha said through a mouthful of eggs. "Fine. I'll do dishes and vacuum. You guys do laundrey and take out the trash." Her mom replied. 


About a couple hours later they all sat in the living room. "Welp, we got that done." Samantha said. "I never want to see a pair of unfolded socks ever again.." Melissa complained. They all laughed. "Well, I'm going to get some sleep. Have fun kiddos!" Melissa's mom said getting up. "See you later Mrs. Robbins!" Samantha waved. "Should we go meet up with Andrew now?" Samantha asked turning to Melissa. "Sure. Let me grab my jacket." She replied getting up. Within thirty minutes they were out the door and on the way to the park. "Should we grab lunch, then go to the park? Or should we hang at the park, then grab lunch?" Samantha asked Melissa as she drove. Samantha had a old truck that required a lot of work, so she barely took it out anymore. "Eh, let's go hang a bit before eating. We kinda did wake up late." Melissa answered. "Alright then." Samantha nodded and took a left towards the park.


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