Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

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Chapter Seventeen: Basketball and Text Messages

Melissa and Samantha followed Hunter to the court. "Sam, what are you thinking, neither of us is athletic." Melissa wispered. Samantha smiled. "Oh come on. You gotta expand your horizens. Make new friends!" Samantha said nudging her. "Yeesh!" Melissa complained at Samantha's sudden urgency for Melissa to get to know Hunter. Once they got to the court, Hunter picked up a basket ball. "So, uh, what sort of game our we playing?" He asked. "Hmmmm. Not sure. There's the obvious ones everyone played as a kid like Around the World, or H.O.R.S.E ." Samantha said tapping her chin. "Huh...Around the world then?" Hunter asked. "Sure." Samantha said. He walked over to the first oint on the court and made his shot. Both girls watched as he made it about halfway through the court before he missed. "Alright, Melissa's turn!" Samantha said shoving Melissa towards the first spot to shoot.Melissa akwardly made the shot. It rolled around the rim before falling back towards the ground. "I warned you..." Melissa mummbled. "It's fine!" Samantha said grabbing the ball. "I'm no better." She said taking her shot.....and making it....."Ahahaha, I mean....I'll surely miss it this turn!" She said taking her shot. Melissa stared at her as she made it all the way around the court. "Surely this last shot...." Samantha trailed off as she threw it. Swish. "You gotta be kidding me!" Samantha stomped her foot. "I can't beleive you won." Melissa said. "Yeah, well....." Samantha laughed scratching the back of her head. "Good game." Hunter said picking up the ball. "Yeah!" Samantha said smiling. "If you guys don't mind, I'm just gonna play by myself now. " He said. "Right! Leave it to the pros!" Melissa said pushing Samantha towards the other direction. "Hey, from that last game, you'd think I'm a pro!" Samantha joked. 


When Melissa got home she flopped down on her bed. "I don't like sports." She mumbled into her pillow. Also what's with Sam? She thought to herself. Samantha really wanted Melissa to get to know him. Her phone buzzed. "Unknown Number? Who is it?" It was a text message. 


Unknown Number: Hey.

Melissa: Who is this?

Unknown Number: It's Hunter. 

Melissa: Oh. Hi.

Hunter: I found your number on social media. Hope you don't mind. 

Melissa: No, it's okay. What's up?

Hunter: I was just making sure you got home safe. With all thats been going on and stuff. 

Melissa: Oh, I got home safe, thanks. Sorry about Samantha BTW.

Hunter: Don't worry about it, I have friends like her back in New York.

Melissa: You're from New York? Also, what do you mean 'friends like her'?

Hunter: Yeah, I used to live in New York for a while before moving here. And I meant I had friends like her because she's super energetic and outgoing. 

Hunter: Where was your other friend Andrew?

Melissa: Oof. It's kinda akward with him right now. We sorta got in a fight.

Hunter: I'm sorry to hear that. Do you want to talk about it?

Hunter: I know what it's like to fight with a friend....

Melissa: Sure, I guess....

Melissa: Long story short, I tried to explain how I thought Celedon wasn't all he's claimed to be and that the fire super was actually the one who is trying to help. But since Andrew's mom got attacked by some arsonist he thinks it's the fire super and is mad at me for claiming such a thing. 

Melissa: Wow that was a run on sentance....


Hunter: It sounds like he's hurt that you'd side with someone he thinks hurt his mom. What made you change your mind about the fire super?

Melissa: ....He kinda saved me?

Hunter: I see. Did he tell you his name?

Melissa: No, actually.

Melissa: Now I'm super curious.....

Hunter: Well, I hope your friends realize your point of veiw and that it's all okay. 

Hunter: Sorry, I have to go now. 

Melissa: Oh, ok. Bye!

Hunter: If you ever need to talk again, you have my number.

Melissa: Thanks!


Melissa saved his number to her contact. It actually felt nice to vent about her friends to someone. Maybe he wasn't so cringey to be around after all. She then pulled up her internet browser app. "Let's see if I can find out more about these supers....."


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