Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

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Chapter Twenty Four: Why'd it have to be Manipular?

Hunter stared at the two advancing supers. Why'd it have to be Manipular? He thought. He pressed the comm button on his neck. "Need backup, NOW!" He yelled. "What's the matter Blaze boy? 'Fraid your girlfriend will get hurt?" Celedon smirked. "I'll ask again, what do you guys want?" Hunter asked. This was bad.... "Sending help, kid." Strong Claw said through the comm. "You'll need to hold out for a minute." Hunter formed a fireball in either hand. "We just want to have a chat," Celedon said. "That's far enough!" Hunter yelled, throwing a flame down in front of Celedon and Manipular. Suddenly Melissa flashed in front of his face, on fire. He blinked and shook his head.


He yelled aiming a fireblast at Manipular. The white hair super was knocked back into the shed by the house. Manipular's power ranged from memory alterations/reading, mind control, illusions, and even short time frames of mind control. Needless to say, he was more on the elite side of the super-powered spectrum. Celedon sped up and kneed Hunter in the forehead. Hunter yelled in anger, lighting his whole body on fire. He tackled Celedon, but he was ready for him. They grappled for a minute before Celedon shoved Hunter to the side. Hunter stumbled, then got back up and charged a fireball. Mid-aim, Celedon seemed to morph into Melissa and he panicked, causing the fireball to hit the roof of the house. "NO!" He yelled. Celedon smirked at Hunter. "Yet another building lit on fire. You villain. I can't wait to be declared a hero again!" He teased. "Just think of the headlines. Mysterious fire super lights helpless girls house on fire. Saved by the one and only Celedon!" Hunter glared at him and raised his fist. Searing pain stabbed his head. "AHHH!" He clutched his head and looked to the side. His vision started to blur. Bright orange eyes. Celedon walked over to the window and punched it. "Don't worry, I'm here to save you," Celedon said sarcastically. "Get away from me!" He heard Melissa yell. Celedon, with his superhuman speed, reached into the window and forcefully yanked Melissa through. Broken shards cut all along her legs. "Melissa!" Andrew yelled from the house. There was a loud crash. Hunter fell on one knee, pain almost unbearable. "But wait, we need a injury from the terrible fire super. Go on Blaze boy." He said shoving Melissa to the ground in front of him. She tried to get up, but Celedon kicked her back down. The pain buzzed through his brain and his body felt numb. He felt his arm slowly raise. "NO!" He managed to yell. Manipular mimicked his movements, like controlling a puppet. Melissa whipped around and grabbed Celedon's foot. "Stop this!" She yelled. Hunter felt a fireball form in his hand. "Melissa!" He exclaimed. Right before he throws the fireball a large figure slams into Manipular. Hunter, now free from the mind control, aims the fireball at Celedon. Celedon goes flying. A woman in a dark suit stands up. "Sorry kid. Got here as fast as I could." She said. Manipular jumped up and took off, and Celedon was long gone. "Melissa!" He yelled running over to her. "My house! My mom!" She yelled. The woman ran over and swung the door open, revealing Andrew struggling to carry both unconscious ladies on his back. The woman took Melissa's mom and flew over to the edge of the road, setting her down by the mailbox, then came back for Samantha. "C'mon. We need to get away from the house." Hunter said, helping Melissa up. Melissa stared at him expressionless. He sighed and picked her up, carrying her over to the others. "Thank you." He said to the woman. Her name was simply 'Flight.' She was a well known super and a elite member of the H.O.F. or 'Heros of Faith.' "No problem, kid. The firemen are on their way." She said. "I can't believe he attacked us like this. It was so random." He said staring at the burning house. The fire was now covering the entire roof. "They're trying to distract you. Hit close to home." Flight said. "Why?!" He questioned. "They're using your past with Celedon so they can draw you out." She replied. Hunter closed his eyes. Liam, why...... He thought. Sirens blared, making their way up the street. "Gotta go. Strong Claw will contact you." Flight said taking off into the sky at a incredible speed. 



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