Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

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Chapter Thirty Nine: Echo...

"Hurry!" Melissa's mom called as they reached the door. Samantha had fallen behind while looking at her dad. Melissa ran back a few steps and helped her lead Andrew to the door. "To the elevator." Her mom said as they ran through all the equipment lines and machines. They reached a similar elevator to the one Melissa saw by the garage when she was with Hunter. Her mom pressed the button for going down. "Everyone in." She said, ushering the three teens in. "Will my dad be okay?!" Samantha asked as the descended. Melissa's mom stared at her for a second. "Your dad is very capable, and I believe the Lord is with him." She said seriously. Samantha blinked back at her, somewhat shocked. Melissa gave a small smile, then the door opened. "You're here. Good." Strong Claw said as they stepped out of the elevator. "Woah, he's tall...." Samantha trailed off, looking up at him. "Is your friend hurt?" He asked. Melissa nodded. "We'll have him taken care of, come with me." He said turning around to the hallways. A random person with a lab coat walked up and helped take Andrew from Samantha. "We'll take care of him." She said smiling at her. Samantha nodded. "Oh, okay." She said. "Come on!" Melissa said, pulling her friend along to catch up to the two adults who walked ahead. "I've sent out almost every elite we have and well-trained recruits." Strong Claw said as they entered the main computer room, with the large screen. Samantha stared in shock just as Melissa had when she first came here. "Other organizations are sending help as well. It seems that their main target it Coppersville." He said, pointing to the large screen that displayed a map of their small town. "What are all the red dots supposed to be?" Melissa asked. Strong Claw turned back to her, face somber. "Those are super attacks. I've sent mostly everyone there to help." He said. "Then what are we doing here!?" Samantha exclaimed. "We gotta go help everyone! What about Andrew's mom? What about my mom?!" She exclaimed. "The reason you're here is so you don't get hurt." There was a large shudder all throughout the building and the lights flickered. "What was that?!" Melissa's mom asked. Strong Claw pressed a button on the band around his neck, which Melissa assumed was the comm device Hunter told her about. "Hunter?! Did he ever make it out alive?!" Melissa thought. "All units, report." Strong Claw said. A static voice responded, but they couldn't hear. "I understand..." Strong Claw said. "That was Echo. He's down..." Strong Claw said. "Echo?! Who's Echo?" Samantha asked, worried. Melissa's mom put a hand on her shoulder. "It was Robert, your father." He replied. Melissa's eyes widened. Mr. Green, down? "WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN DOWN?" She exclaimed. 


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