Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

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Chapter Forty Three: I'm Sorry...

Melissa sat in the ambulance once again. "I thought we went over this..." The paramedic lady said. "Sorry," Melissa said, smiling. The lady shook her head and continued to clean her scrapes and cuts. "Melissa!" She looked over and saw Andrew hobbling over to her, his leg still bandaged. "Hey there." She said as he approached. "So did you catch the big bad guy?" He asked. "Um, I guess you could say that? I didn't really do anything." Melissa said. "Are you kidding?! I watched you on a screen in the base!" He exclaimed, then whispered. "I mean, I saw you on a screen at the base." Melissa rolled her eyes. "You are indeed a dork." She said. "Wait a minute...Screen?" She asked. "Yeah, there was a camera on the helicopter and I watched you on a screen." He said. Melissa blinked in shock. "It was amazing! The fire didn't even touch you!" He said. Melissa nodded. "No, it didn't..." She said, still in awe about it. "Make way! Best friend coming through!" Samantha exclaimed pushing through all of the paramedics and police. "Melissa!" She exclaimed running over and hugging her. "You did it!" She said. Melissa shook her head. "I didn't do anything." She said. Samantha raised an eyebrow. "What?" She asked. "Sam, your okay!" Andrew exclaimed, hugging her. "Me?! What about you and your leg?" She asked, looking at his bandages. "They said it'll heal fine." He said. "Ahem." They all turned and saw Mr. Green. "Can somebody tell me who this young man is that is hugging my daughter?" He said. Andrew's eyes widened and he pulled his hands away immediately. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry sir, I-" Andrew started stuttering. "Relax, I was joking. It's nice to finally meet you." Mr. Green said, smiling. Andrew relaxed. "Oh...okay." He said. "Melissa, your mother is fine, just banged up a bit." Mr. Green said. "Thanks." She said. "What about Manipular?" She asked. Mr. Green frowned. "He got away. They couldn't find a trace of him." They all sat there for a minute. "Anyways, Hunter said he had to go back to base. Take care of some things." Mr. Green said. Melissa nodded. "Alright." She said.

Hunter made his way into the base, wanting very badly to take a nap. "Your mother is detained." Strong Claw stated as they made their way towards the main screen room. "I know," Hunter replied. His dress shirt was crumpled and stained with soot and dirt, and a long rip in his jeans around his knee. "Your friend, Liam? He surrendered." Strong Claw said. "What?! You detained him?!" Hunter asked, angry. "I thought he fought to help us!" Hunter said. Strong Claw merely stared at him, opening the door to the room. Hunter looked and saw Liam, still in his Celedon suit. "Sup, Blaze Boy." He said. Hunter stared at him. "What?..." He trailed off, walking into the room. Strong Claw shut the door behind them, leaving the two to talk. "Melissa sure is something, you know that?" He said. Liam crossed his arms. "Has a way with words, you know." Hunter's brow furrowed. "What?" He asked. "What did she tell you?" He asked. Liam waved his hand. "That's not important. Anyways, I'm gonna leave for a while. Get my thoughts together." Liam said. "Wait, you're leaving?! Again?" Hunter questioned, confused. "Relax, I'm not going to be 'Celedon' anymore. Did'ya see where that got me? I'm just gonna figure out what I want to do with life." Liam said. "You could join the H.O.F! Strong Claw would let you!" Hunter exclaimed. "No. It's not for me. Don't worry, you're not losing me or anything. I'm just going somewhere else." Liam said. "Where are you going to go?!" Hunter asked. Liam gave him a small smile that reminded him of when they were kids. "Don't worry, I'll visit," Liam said, still not answering his question. Liam walked around him towards the door. "Oh, and one last thing..." He started. "I'm sorry." He said, walking out the door and past Strong Claw. 


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