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Chapter Four

Words of concern floated in and out of his consciousness. He felt nothing. The blank, expansive blackness engulfed his body and mind. He knew that he would open his eyes when he felt ready. 


"" They came in sequences, some unintelligible and others fragmented. It was only when the words came in full sentences and he could hear the rustle of the wind that he felt it was safe enough to open his eyes. Yasmin was standing near him, her phone pressed against her ear. Light filtered in through the trees and shone on his face. Mateo shifted away, his eyes watering. 


"Holy shit he's--your awake! How did you even get all the way over here," before he could even respond, she continued, "Yeah, yeah. See ya Luka." A chord of bewilderment flashed through his mind. 


"Luka?" He knew exactly what she said though he couldn't help but repeat it. Things were only getting weirder and weirder. It was one thing after the next and he could only hope it stopped soon.  


"Yeah. Do you know her or something?" 


Mateo sprung to his feet, the words tumbling out of his mouth like an avalanche. As he was talking, even he was surprised at how much energy he had.


"Only this morning! I had passed out and woke up outside and had this weird memory of a gold eye and she was the one who woke me up. And now it's happened again! What the hell are in those pills you gave me?"


She seemed to freeze up, lowering her eyes to the ground.  


"Well, I got them from Luka. She said she doesn't even really know, all she told me was that it's a mixture of a bunch of things." He held himself back from saying what he truly wanted to say. Taking something even she didn't know what had in it was probably the most stupid thing ever. She could be so gullible sometimes. He felt as though he were a parent scolding their child. Still, even he couldn't help but blame himself for being foolish too.


"Didn't you hallucinate too?" Her questioning, confused expression already told him enough.


"No, not at all. What'd you see?" The recent memories rolled through his head like an old film. Some parts were left blank, only filled in by his panicked thinking. It disgusted him to meld in with all the other people of this town. He kicked them to the curb, pushing them to the recesses of his mind along with the gold eye. 


"Let's just get out of this forest." The trees still stood as eerie reminders of what he had seen. His eyes could not escape the scenery around him, though his mind could. As they walked, his surroundings dissipated. The grasses folded over and melted into pools of shallow, pink waters. The trees shape shifted into bio luminescent, teal flowers which spun and twirled. 


Luscious foliage made of thousands of different colors sparkled and shone. It was all made up of tiny, geometric patterns. The underbelly of a huge, orange red sun sat above the beautiful world. A snake unwrapped its coiled body from a tree branch, its piercing yellow eyes observing him. It had black, fierce eyeliner and purple scales that complimented all the hues of color that surrounded it.


Yasmin was a white, glowing figure which led him through the land. Nothing but her outline remained. In the distance he could almost hear the powerful yet patient rush of a waterfall. The view now panned outside of his body. He could see himself with brown bull horns which came out of the sides of his head. In this world he could be strong and wise yet understanding and empathetic. Mateo hungered to see more, yet his perfect imagination began to tear at the seams as Jasmin's voice entered his mind.  


"I'm sorry about what happened earlier. I texted the group chat and we're thinking of exploring Sacred Heart later today." She stood in front of him now. Her brown skin glistened in the sun and her hazel eyes watched him eagerly. Internally he knew he had experienced too much for one day. Then again, he could already picture himself sitting alone in his room paranoid. 


"Will Bug be coming?" 


A big grin broke out across her face. "What's it without him? As long as his mom sees Lee is coming she won't care."  It was hard to refuse if everyone was coming. She was like a begging puppy that it was impossible to say no to. The school had always intrigued him, but he had never imagined actually stepping inside it. His mind begged him to refuse but he knew he'd feel bad for not coming.


"Okay I'll come," he said with a sigh. The onset of a headache began to tap at his forehead. 


"Alright, cool. I have to catch up with Luka. Cya!" 




She took off in the opposite direction, speed walking so fast it looked ridiculous. The fact that Yasmin knew her boggled his mind. Sognore was too small of a town. To his surprise his bike was still laying on the gravel where he had left it. I guess it's so banged up that not even a hobo would steal it.He smiled at the truth of it. As he rode back down the path, Mateo kept his eyes straight ahead. Few thoughts plagued his mind. 


It wasn't until he was standing outside his house that a flash of something odd and creepy floated to the surface of his mind. Though it was blurry, he could tell it looked akin to a mime or a clown. He could remember how it hung slanted over his face yet he did not feel any fear or care. This time needles of discomfort prodded his stomach. It was enough to steer him away from drugs for awhile. The backdrop of thin, spindly trees which stretched from the backside of his house felt even more intimidating at that moment. Sure as hell won't be stupid enough to take something I don't even know next time,he thought with a smirk. Yasmin's genuine emotions always got to him. 

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