Someone to Watch Over Me

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Chapter Forty-two

Life with Alex is sheer bliss. My mood, my energy is so up. I’m doing great with school, the baby is doing well, all just seems right with the world.

Olivia laughs as she looks at me. “Girl, what’s going on with you? You have this dreamy look on your face and you can’t stop smiling,” she asks as she brings our coffees to the table.

It's the weekend and we’ve have gone out to our favorite spot for brunch to an adorable café just over the bridge. The chef trained in Paris and the food is amazing. We decide to indulge and start with some chocolate-filled croissants, while we wait for the rest of our food.

Olivia sighs when she takes a bite. “So, worth cheating for.”

“Cheating?” I say, rolling my eyes, in dismay.

Olivia has a perfect figure, she near goddess status with her chocolate brown skin, legs that go on for days and her astonishing, piercing blue eyes. Her hair is positively a work of art with the variety of ways she'll get it weaved, and yet she perpetually claims to be on a diet. She makes us mere mortals want to scream.

“Don’t try changing the subject! For the last 2 weeks, you’ve been mooning about. I know you and Alex managed somehow to put the whole club thing behind you but something has most definitely changed.”

I smile a secret smile because I’m not saying. I’m keeping all this to myself.

Olivia frowns. “We use to be besties, BFF’s. For three years now, I’ve had to share you with William but now Alex is going to have you keeping secrets from me. I just can’t compete,” she pouts.

“Don’t be like that. Life is good, that’s all. I’m in a great relationship with a truly amazing man, I've caught up with my classwork, my grades are up, and my health is good. More importantly, there's been no drama recently,” I say with a shrug of my shoulders. “What more can I ask for?”

“A best friend you tell all your innermost secrets too?” Olivia says folding her hands under her chin, she leans on the table with her elbows and bats her eyes at me.

“So, how’s Doug?” I say taking a long sip of my decaf coffee, completely unaffected by her display.

She presses her lips together, and her eyes narrow on me but she knows I’m not going to give in. So instead she chooses to blow it off and shrugs. “Good. He’s taking me to some Italian place for Valentine’s Day.”

“Valentine’s day!” I say. Time has been passing so fast I completely forgot. “Oh my God! Olivia, it’s this week! What am I going to do?”

Olivia is looking at me like I’ve gone mad. “It's no biggie, Cat. Just make a reservation someplace romantic. Or… since you can actually cook make his favorite meal, and when dinner is done, indulge in whatever activities have kept you smiling these past few weeks, “ she adds, with a smirk she tries to hide behind the rim of her coffee cup, that says I’m not fooling anyone, especially her.

I throw my cloth napkin at her and she laughs.

“Seriously, though. This is our first Valentine’s Day and its Alex we’re talking about here. He’s probably come up with something awesome.” I moan. “I’m a horrible girlfriend.”

“No, you’re not. You’re just out of practice is all. You’ve been with Liam so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like during the courting stage, where everything is new and exciting. Why do you think I don’t date anyone long? I’m an attention junkie.”


“I’m an attention junkie. I like the attention I receive when the guy is still looking to impress. You know when he sends in his representative.”

“Representative? Are we talking relationships or politics here?” I ask, confused.

“I don’t see where there’s much difference,” Olivia points out, putting down her coffee to take another bite of her croissant before continuing. 

“Every guy has an agenda, what HE wants. Maybe it’s a relationship, maybe it's just a tumble in bed but whatever his agenda is he’s got to first convince YOU, you want the same things he wants. So, starts the campaign.”

 Olivia says this with a wave of her hand and I can tell she’s given this theory of hers a lot of thought as she continues, “That’s where his representative comes in. This is the side of himself that is going to take you to dinners that cost more than twenty dollars jointly, have flowers delivered to your work just to make you smile. The Rep isn't afraid to mail you a romantic card or slip you a love note under your door to express how he feels, because it's all part of his agenda"

"If he wants to seal the deal, he may even give you random gifts for no reason at all. Which low and behold is something you actually want because he trying to show he’s been paying attention to you by getting something you mentioned you liked or that shirt you said was pretty at the mall. Hell, him even going to the mall with you is part of his agenda because let's face it, no man likes shopping.”

“When have you become such a hardened cynic?” I ask her. “Is there is no romance in your soul?”

“I’m a realist Cat. I’ve tried it your way and all I ended up with is a broken heart because you know what happens once they get your vote. Everything stops. Not right way, of course. It’s a gradual process that starts to erode your mind, making you question if any of it ever happened in the first place. Or were you so desperate to see something in them that you mistakenly made it all up."


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