Someone to Watch Over Me

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Chapter Fifteen

Soon everything is ready and the students show up in droves for some food. In about two hours we completely sell out, much to the dismay of the students who show up a little too late.

Olivia, who is also the sorority’s treasure, counts up our proceeds for the night. “Well, we have sold everything, so, minus our expenses, we have taken in $2,800.00.”

Alex lets out a slow whistle. “That’s pretty impressive for 2 hours worth of work. I think I may quit my job and open up a food truck on campus.”

I giggle. “It’s simple math, my friend. $8.00 per plate, gets them BBQ, corn on the cob and a biscuit. I order enough food to feed 500 people. That is us, serving 4-5 people a minute for 2 hours making the sorority $4,000.00. $1,200.00 for our expenses and we net…”

“$2,800.00 dollars,” Olivia says, grinning. “And that’s why she’s the president of our little club.”

“Like I said, impressive. So… um, you think you can give me a hand getting this thing off. Not that pink isn’t my color, but I uh…”

I laugh as he can't undo the ties on the hot pink Chi Omega apron he's wearing. I had them printed my first year at the sorority for all our bake sales and food events. “I think the apron looks cute on you.” I tease.

“You think so,” he says, smiling down at me.

I can’t stop grinning. I reach around him to undo the knot at his back. I’m so close I am practically hugging him. He just stands there, arms out to his sides, staring at me and it’s doing crazy things to my insides. I finally get the knot undone and reach up to pull the apron off. I’m on my tippy toes, my arms now around his neck and I suddenly feel very self-conscious.

“Oops, sorry,” Olivia says, bumping into me “accidentally” so that I fall against Alex, my arms tightening around his neck and his arms wrapping around me to keep me steady.

“Taken, huh?” Olivia scoffs and giggles as she walks past us both.

“What?” Alex asks, looking down at me.

This is like every dream I’ve had about him. Me with my arms around his neck, him holding me so close. He's looking into my eyes, and again I feel that vibe between us. I swear for an insane moment that he’s going to kiss me, and then I remember what Olivia said before the food arrived.

I instantly move away from Alex and call to Olivia. “Wait up, will you?”

“I’ll be right back,” I tell Alex.

“I’ll be here,” he says, with a shrug.

I catch up to Olivia.

“What are you doing? You are such an idiot! He is SO into you!”

“Alex!” I say stunned. “No, you've got it all wrong.”

“Whatever you say, girl.” Olivia chuckles in disbelief and starts to walk away again.

“Wait!” Olivia stops and looks at me.

"What did you mean when you said, 'It would serve Liam right if something was going on between Alex and I?' ”

“Come on. You know. All those frat parties? Liam hooking up with all those other girls? I honestly never thought he deserved you, Cat. I don’t know how you put up with it for so long. I would have kicked his butt to the curb long ago. Can’t believe he’s trying to say he broke up with you. As if.”

“Yeah, as if.” I say, but I feel like I've just been handed my heart on a platter.

She gives me a strange look. “You okay?"

“Uh-huh. I better get back" I say, pointing to where I left Alex standing, alone. "I need to break down. They’ll be back to pick up the stuff soon.”

“Okay, I got to get this money to the safe until we can take it to the bank for deposit. I’ll see you in class Monday?” she asks, but she looks a little concerned.

“Yeah, I’ll be there,” I tell her.

“Good. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Cat.”

“Yeah, me too,” I say and head back to Alex, who is having a hard time finding his volunteers.

“They’ve all deserted me. Can you believe it?”

I look around and see several of my girls missing too. “Can’t say I’m surprised. All men are pigs after all. And us girls are just all too happy to get all sloppy around them.”

“Excuse me?” Alex says, looking a little shocked and definitely confused.

“Nothing,” I mumble, annoyed with all men everywhere.

“This doesn’t have something to do with a few minutes ago, does it? Because it was your friend who pulled that little stunt, not me.” Alex says.

“What?” I say, unable to fully pay attention at the moment. My mind is swimming with images of Liam with other girls. How long has it been going on that even Olivia knew it was happening? How many others know what a sucker I am? I wonder.

Alex grabs my shoulders and looks at me. “What’s going on in that head of yours? Something’s happened. What is it?”

I’m frowning up at Alex. My brain just doesn’t want to process this new information, and I’m mad at myself for being in such disbelief. "I asked... I knew... Liam just denied it! Every time he’d tell me nothing was going on, but it wasn't true."

“What are you talking about, Cat?”

From behind me, I hear, “Get your hands off of her!”

I shake my head as I could have sworn I heard Liam’s voice. Suddenly, Liam pulls me away from Alex and I find myself face to face with him.


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