Someone to Watch Over Me

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Chapter Sixteen

I open my eyes and immediately shield them with my arm from the fluorescent lights that are glaring down at me. Wait, fluorescent lights? Where the hell am I?

I blink a few times and notice I appear to be in an emergency room, hospital gown and all. “What am I…?”

“You’re in the hospital, Cat. You fainted.” I see William sitting next to me. “You gave Alex quite a scare.”

“Alex?” I look around and still feel a bit disoriented. “Where is he?”

“He left when I got here. He said he had to get back to the event because you had stuff you hadn't finished yet.”

“The fundraiser?!” I try to push myself up but immediately feel dizzy and lay back against the pillows.

“He’s got it covered, Cat. You don’t have anything to worry about. He promised he’d be back as soon as the trucks came to pick up the rentals.”

“How did you end up here?”

“Alex called me immediately after the ambulance came and picked you up to tell me what hospital they were taking you to. I rushed right over, of course. Alex stayed by your side until I got here to take his place. He didn’t want you to be left alone. He didn’t tell me much since he was pressed for time, needing to get back to campus. What caused you to black out, Cat? Do you know?” William asks, his face full of concern.

“I’m afraid I know as much as you. I don’t even remember fainting. We were at the fundraiser, it was all over… and then…”

The memories come back like snapshots in my mind. Alex and the apron. Olivia telling me about Liam. Liam wanting to fight Alex, demanding I come home with him. My hands cover my eyes, I just don't want to see anymore, but as these images are in my mind’s eye there is little I can do to make them stop.

“Liam!” I say.

“What about him?”

“He was there. He started some trouble with Alex. He’s got the nerve to be mad at me when he’s been cheating this whole time.”

William looks shocked. “Why would Liam be mad at you over Alex? Wait, you know?!”

“Ugh,” I say, pulling my hands away and looking over at him. “Don’t tell me you knew too? Why would you keep it from me? Why is everyone so okay with keeping me in the dark?”

William reaches out to me and grabs my hand. “I didn’t, Cat! I swear it! If I had solid proof I would have told you in a heartbeat.”

“But you suspected?” I challenge.

“Didn’t you?” he counters, and he’s right, I did. I just didn’t want to believe it was true. I didn’t want to believe he would cheat on me. “Yes,” I say with a heavy heart.

“Well, I did too. I just couldn’t prove it and I knew you would never believe me without proof.”

He's right about that, too. I definitely wouldn’t have. I had it staring me right in the face and I had stayed in denial. “God only knows what he’s exposed me to.”

Suddenly, the baby springs to my mind. "The baby!" This time I do sit straight up in bed though it makes the whole room spin.

“Is the everything alright?” I ask William, who is looking at me apologetically.

“I don’t have anything to tell you, Cat. There has been a nurse checking in on you and one of the doctors dropped by but as you were still out they just checked on you and moved on. No one has told me anything.”

The curtain pulls back and I’m hoping to see a doctor but it’s Alex instead.

“Guess, I’m not who you were hoping to see,” he says, sounding a little disappointed.

“I’m sorry. I was hoping for the doctor,” I admit. “Thank you for going back and taking care of things for me, Alex. I owe you big time.” I try to give him a reassuring smile.

“Seeing you awake right now, eyes open and smiling at me is reward enough,” Alex says, moving further in the room. “Do they know you’re awake?”

“Um… no,” I say. “I just woke up.”

Alex nods and steps out of the curtain again. Seconds later he returns. “I spoke with the nurse’s station to let them know you’re up. They said they will send someone in to check on you soon.”

“Thank you!” I really don’t know what I would do without him.

A nurse pulls back the curtain and she pulls up a blood pressure machine. She places the cuff around my arm and it starts to squeeze, hard. She finishes and pulls off the cuff. “160 over 100 -- better than when you came in but still a little high,” she tells me.

She swabs the thermometer and places it in my mouth. “You’re temperature is good.” She checks my hands and feet for swelling and smiles. "Looks like you doing well. I’ll get the doctor to come in and talk to you.”

“Um… “ She’s looking at William and Alex in the room. “There’s really only supposed to be one person back here with her at a time. Emergency rooms can get a bit tight sometimes, so would one of you mind…”

William volunteers. “Alex, you just got here. I’ll step out. I need to get a bite to eat anyway. Just…keep me posted okay?” He kisses my forehead. “Hang in the there, Cat.”

“Thank you,” I say. “Anytime, Cat. You know that.”

William gives Alex one of those bro hugs, you know, the handshake, pull in and pat on the shoulder and leaves. The nurse disappears soon after, leaving me alone with Alex. He takes a position at my side and I can see the concern written clearly on his face.


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