Sons of the Lady of Sorrows

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The stone house is still as quiet as it has always been, but this afternoon, the air brings in a feeling of weightiness as the newly arrived men seem to notice the stone house being empty. Teniente Leon and Ana Rosa must have not arrived yet, the servants are also nowhere to be found
      "Segnor," Jimena calls out from the kitchen door.
        The pale servant carefully hops through the protruding stone pathways towards them. She seems tensed while catching her breaths
       "You look sick, Jimena” Tatang Chuy greets noticing the concerning look of the maid
       "Where is Nanang Ditas?," Teo enquires
         The servant catches air in before wiping her sweat which formed on her forehead as she responds;
        "She had to rush to Manang Nita’s house for their family is in mishap," she gulps
      "What had happened?” Teo probes
       "One of his sons, the one who attends the lamps went missing, Segnor"
      "Diego went missing?" Tatang Chuy clarifies
      "Not him, Tatang Chuy, but the younger boy. He just vanished in the rice fields last night," Jimena answers still gasping
         "Utoy?" Teo pauses, "what did you mean he just vanished?" Teo enquires
        "The older lamp boy claims that his brother must have been abducted,"
          Teo stares at Isko and holds his gazes longer, then shifts his gaze at Tatang Chuy who has been silent. He extends his hand to Jimena to calm her
        "Once Uncle arrives we will let him know about the situation. There were Civil Guards stationed near the fields, they must have noticed a boy roaming the fields while patrolling,"
       “It must be the bandits who abducted the boy” Tatang Chuy interrupts, “they must have captured Utoy to send us a message that they were coming over to our town,” 
       Jimena releases heavy breaths before taking another air;
       "It was not the bandits Segnor. The older lamp helper claimed that his brother was abducted by the Maranhig!"



Edited: 29.12.2018

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