Soul of O.N.E

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What The Hell?

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Without thinking, I run away from my parents skipping steps as I run up the staircase. My head thumps as my mind races with a thousand thoughts and the realization hits me harder than the grief I went through, hell I’m still going through the grief, of losing my sister. She could’ve been saved I’m living proof of it, so why the hell didn’t they save her?

As I stop on a level, my feet pound on the floor pushing me to go faster. Footsteps on the staircase sound from behind me, I reach a door with strange carvings on it and go in. Closing the door softly I breath in and out trying to calm down.

The door has a metal stopper that I slide over to prevent them from getting in the room. Backing up to make sure the door doesn’t have anything strange happen the hair on my neck goes up. Slowly I turn around facing a mirror with what seems to be the same carvings as the door.

Something draws me toward it, but I stop dead in my track as I see my reflection is not my own. A woman stands who looks extremely like me, but something is off about the way she is sobbing and covering her face with her hands.

I whisper to myself. “Who are you?”

As if those words flipped a switch, I can hear her now and she isn’t sobbing anymore. She looks up at me putting her hand on the other side of the mirror.

She speaks with a soft and hoarse voice. “I’m Nemora, daugh-.”

“Wait up, like Nemora, the one in my head?!” My voice comes out as a harsh whisper.

She shakes her head in disbelief. “Yes, but how am I out of your head?”

“I don’t know exactly how but this mirror is not normal.” I say walking closer to the desk near the mirror. “I don’t think I was supposed to know about this room but if I know my parents well where there is a big artifact there is a small one. Got it!”

Holding up a rectangular compact with a mirror inside I put it in my pocket. Heavy footsteps walk past the door. Stepping closer to the mirror I try to decipher the carvings. I glance at the mirror and see a person behind Nemora

“Nemora, is there anyone else with you?” I say worriedly as a person emerges in the distance behind her.

Nemora turns around then the mirror starts becoming blurry as the person runs toward her.

A shrilling scream comes from Nemora as the person approaches her. She turns toward me with fear in her eyes as the person stabs her in the back of her neck. Her body slides down the mirror as she goes limp with blood flowing from her mouth. I cover my mouth trying to prevent myself from making any noise.

Her figure blurs as the person pulls her away. The person walks to where Nemora was getting very close to the glass. They place their hands on the glass and walk into the room. I scream running to the door making it fly open as I try to run down the hall. A hand grabs my waist pulling me back into the room. Trying to get free I squirm and struggle as the person turns me toward the mirror and pushes me in. My mouth opens to let a scream come out but I hear nothing. I turn around to see Nemora on the other side of the glass smiling sinisterly.

I bang on the glass until my hands hurt. In frustration, I scream until I’m out of breath as I watch Nemora walk over to my body. She sits into my body like a chair and opens my eyes. What the hell is this? Looking at the edges of the mirror I try to find something to help me get out of here, no luck. Sitting down on the ground I cry because there is absolutely nothing else for me to do, I’m powerless.


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