Спасти Кощея / Save Koschei

Chapter 1

Anhelina Krikheli


Series «Fairy-tales for family reading»

Founded in 2017

Translator – Veronika Pisarieva

Can a simple drawing lesson at art school reverse the life of a girl who doesn’t believe in magic and miracles? For sure it can! In a short time she is going to take a journey to a fairytale forest. She has no idea what’s coming for her in a forsaken Koschei’s house, full of wonders, what to expect from Gorynych and whether she should be scared of them or they are scared themselves.

The series «Fairy-tales for family reading» was founded in 2017. It will include fairy-tales about timeless values, good and evil, real friendship and sincere love which are recommended for reading with parents. The doors to the wonderful world of these stories are opened to adult readers as well, since sometimes they need miracles even more than children…

Chapter 1

Every afternoon an absolutely special light came streaming in one of the big round classrooms of an art school, as if a curious sun with all its rays was trying to find its way to students through windows and see what colours they were putting on canvas. That’s why the lessons were scheduled for this exact time. Light and shade mean as much for an artist as for a wizard.

Quite a few children gathered in a room – both small girls and boys and high schoolers. Some were buzzing around with brushes looking for inspiration, others were standing in front of the blank canvas, having their pencils behind their ears or in the hair. In a word, the working process was under way in a usual, at first glance, art workshop.

From time to time the teacher showed up here and there, glancing captiously at canvases and making critical remarks, and erased the lines and colors with one of his brushes. Sometimes he simply ran his finger over those fragments he thought least favourable, pointing out the mistakes and suggesting better, more appropriate solutions.

Finally, he clapped his hands drawing attention to himself. The students turned to him right away, ready to listen, remember and learn. Each of them knew how priceless are lessons of a master whose workshop was even difficult to get to – parents signed up their fresh talents a year in advance. However, this famous artist became known not only for his mastership and excellent taste, but also for not charging any money for learning. Anyone who wanted to study under him was given a canvas, paints and brushes, and asked to draw what he or she wanted the most. After that, a potential student was left alone in a huge room for exactly one clock hour. The artist didn’t stand over, persuading to draw something specific, and didn’t observe drawing technique or mood. He let children to feel themselves free and easy artists and say what they wanted to say. This way he picked out fresh talents to his group.

Well, the warm-up has finished. You all, no doubt, were good. But it’s time to go ahead with today’s task, – he said.

The younger pricked up their ears, like little rabbits and foxes. Everything was still a wonder for them. The older met teacher’s words more calmly. Some of them were whispering to one another, getting distracting and missing some art school teacher’s words.

The man smiled archly in anticipation of his students’ brushes and pencils moving fast in their hands, touching canvases with bright colours and pastel shades.

Today we’re going to draw our favourite fairy tale characters.

One of the girls sniffed and put her brush aside, wiping her hands on a towel. Since she forgot her special tablier at home, some places of her clothes were already spotted with oils she used to finish the last touches of her sketch.

– Why did it sound so funny? – the teacher asked.

– How is it possible to draw something that doesn’t exist! – the girl resented. – There’s no such thing as magic. How can we know how it looks like, when it doesn’t exist? – she folded her arms obstinately.

– Don’t you have a favourite fairy tale character? – the teacher frowned.

– I don’t believe in fairy-tales, – the girl threw up her head, looking like she outgrown the fairy-tales.

The teacher thought for a moment, but then his face lit up with a smile.

– Then draw a forest, which you’re doing adorably. Let it be a fairy tale forest, though. – he nodded, pleased with himself and a found decision. The art school principal often friendly admonished him for departures from the educational programme, but always admitted that it gave amazing results – the finalists of his courses were said to be the best in their field.

The girl looked at him thoughtfully but didn’t object. And the teacher continued:

– Today you won’t have time to complete the work on the given topic. You can only make markings, think over the plot. So this very task will be your homework as well. Please, take your priming canvases, they’ve already dried out. But please, don’t cheat in the search of the best canvas like last time. They’re all signed with your names. Go ahead! – and again he clapped his hands cheerfully, making it clear that students can start working.

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