Strange World: Mega-Real (book 2)

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Moment 07: Big Plans



My brows rose as I stared at Dr. Chana. "Excuse me? I must've heard you wrong. You said I tried to take my own life."

"No you heard me right, Magna," Dr. Chana said. "We have witnesses that saw you throw yourself from the top of the Therapy Tower."

"You know that's ridiculous! I'm not even in here for suicidal tendencies!"

"That's why I'm so shocked." She still blocked the door. I wanted to run by her and get as far away as I could, but if the ducks were out there waiting, they'd get me for sure. I'd only be safe alongside Pupper, Inicula, and Pom Pom.

"Magna?" she asked. "Or should I call you by your real name—"

"No!" I narrowed my eyes. "Magna is perfectly fine."

"Okay, Magna." She didn't look angry, sad, upset or anything. Dr. Chana just wore a blank expression.

"Ask Shannon!" I said. "She'll tell you the truth!"

"We've spoken with her in length. She is now insisting on being called Fox-Face. She talks about Strange World, as well. Are you two playing a game with us? Even Jeremy was vouching for you and mentioning the fictional nonsense."

"It's not fictional," I said. "Soon enough everything will be Strange World!"

"Is this about pride, Magna?" Dr. Chana asked.

"W-What?" I asked. "Pride?"

"We know you were in a hospital for medical reasons about a month before entering here. You claimed that you found a cure for your illness in Strange World. It's okay to let it go and accept the reality for what it is. That poor little girl Clementine Clar gave her heart to you, and the other gentleman gave you his lungs. You live because of other people's losses. Don't throw it all away by jumping off of a tower."

"I didn't jump!" I snapped. "I was thrown by a Duck Bomber!"

Dr. Chana's eyebrows lifted a little, and she turned away. "It'll be dinner soon. We'll let you go to the cafeteria with your friends...but then you come back to this room, understood?"

I leaned forward and sighed. "Understood, but when do I get out of here?"

"When you can prove you're in a better state of mind." Her smile made my stomach turn. She didn't understand; she couldn't. To her, the world existed in one static state. What would happen to all of them once the worlds fully collided? Would they even notice?

Dr. Chana brought a key ring and used one on the lock. The door popped open, and she left. As the door shut, a short, cloaked figure rushed in and put his back to the wall. He watched until the door closed, then gave a firm nod. Pupper-Dog Boy pulled back his hood to reveal his doggish snout and big brown eyes.

"Magna!" Pupper cried and leaped on me, lapping his long slobbery tongue all over my face.

"Pupper, stop, please, quit!" I whispered. "There's a camera; they can see this!"

"Oh!" Pupper fell back to the bed.

Pupper stared at me, and I stared back at him. I scrunched up my face and furrowed my brows. He continued to sit there, panting. Finally, after a minute of annoying silence, I whispered, "What happened out there? Where's Pom Pom?"

"Right!" Pupper bounced up and down. "So I have a great deal to tell you, Magna!"

Speaking would further condemn myself, so I wanted to avoid it. Pupper panted again, staring into my eyes. A great sigh escaped my lips, and I slumped back against the wall.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

I murmured, trying my best not to move my lips. "Tell me already!"

"Of course!" he said. "You want to know! So here goes...Pom Pom got hurt."

"Crap monkies." I shook my head.

"Pom tried to fight off all of the Duck Bombers on her own. She got a good bit of them, slashing them out of the air."

"Is she alive?"

"Yes! Inicula and I showed up and saved her tailfeather! We managed to get one of the Duck Bombers and question her, too."

My eyes widened. "You did? What'd you find out?"

"Her boss is trying to capture you and bring you to Mt. Arkhamm. He wants you there, which means we don't."

"But my sister is there!"

"Wait, there's more!" Pupper lifted his finger. "From what the cowardly duck said, the Golden Box of Hope is at the top of Mt. Arkhamm again."

"Where was it when you guys found it?" I asked. "I've meant to ask that."

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