Strange World: Mega-Real (book 2)

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Moment 14: Harry Situations



Willy shook his back end. "I so love dinner!" The crazy arachnid opened the door and crawled out, and to the roof of the car.

"We have to help him!" Jeremy said. "He can't handle them all by himself!"

"Since when do you care?" I smirked.

Willy gave a shrill scream from above, but I couldn't tell what emotion rested behind it, glee or fear.

Fox-Face grabbed my arm. "Jeremy's right. We have to help!"

She rushed to the open door and grabbed the ladder alongside the train. As she climbed, I faced Jeremy who still huddled in the corner. "What're you doing? Let's go!"

"I thought maybe you all could handle this one without me!" he whimpered.

I rolled my eyes and rushed for the ladder. Fox-Face climbed atop the train car just as I grabbed the lower rungs. She cried out as well, and I quickly followed, pulling myself up top.

A goose-beaked creature in a robe stood in the center of the train car. Willy ran around it in circles, turning the ani-man into a mummy.

"A goose?" I asked.

It honked and struggled to get out of the web.

"Looks like he's pretty helpless," Fox-Face said. "Let's just leave Willy to--"

"I don't need my hands for spells!" The goose cried.

"S-Spells?" I stammered.

The goose opened up its mouth and invoked a word that burned my eardrums. Fire rose up around the sorcerer, and the webbing burned away. Willy stopped and scratched the top of his head. "We'll I've never seen that happen before!"

"Stupid bug!" the goose snapped, now freed from his confines. "I'm a student of Sorcere! You can't so easily best me!"

He thrust out his feathered palm into Willy's face and spoke that burning word again. A blast of fire exploded between them and Willy soared off the train and into the trees.

Fox-Face and I cried his name. The goose sorcerer narrowed its eyes and waved its hands around, summoning a flame to his palms.

"Think of something!" Fox-Face said.

I shot her a glance. "I thought YOU were thinking of something!"

The goose honked and thrust a fireball straight for me. I sidestepped at the last possible moment, and the projectile soared by exploding against a tree.

"I won't miss again!" the goose honked.

"Don't give him the chance to cast!" I charged.

As I came in close, the goose whipped a dagger of fire from his cloak and slashed across. I sucked in my stomach and jumped back. He came on in a mad onslaught of slashes. Thankfully, the goose's movements were predictable, and I could stay one step ahead.

Fox-Face rushed in behind the goose and leaped. It tried to spin around, but Fox-Face landed on its back and sank her fangs into its shoulder. The enemy screeched, and I smacked the goose's dagger hand out wide and punched him in the gut. He doubled over, but I felt the heat before the attack even hit. A new fireball struck me in the back, and I launched off my feet, smashing my face into the car.

I groaned and rolled over to see another goosey magic-user on the next train car.

"Magna, take care of him!" Fox-Face growled as she struggled to hang on to the first.

I scrambled to my feet and dashed for the second sorcerer.

The new goose formed a fireball in its hands as I leaped across to the next car. Before the attack could go off, I summoned my magnetic powers, bringing up a section of roofing. The shield blocked the fiery explosion, and my foe honked ferociously. I dropped the steel back in place in time to see the goose narrow its eyes.

"You don't even have a weapon!" it said.

I grinned. "Who are you kidding? This whole thing is my weapon!"

Slapping my hands on the roof, I sent a ripple through as if it were water. The goose flipped off of its feet. I rushed after the evil bird and shoved him off the side.

I turned around to find Fox-Face knocking the first sorcerer's legs out from under it. When the first goose hit his knees, she kicked him in the jaw and off he went.

Fire suddenly rained from the sky, and two more Goose Sorcerer's appeared on the far car, the one behind Fox-Face.

"More?" I sighed.

I ran full speed as they both launched fireballs at Fox-Face. Leaping, I landed and skidded on my knees, bringing up a panel of steel blocking her. Both firebombs exploded, licking around the sides of the metal as if trying to reach for Fox-Face.

One after the other, the geese launched fireballs at my makeshift barrier.

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