Strange World: Mega-Real (book 2)

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Moment 35: End of the Line



Mt. Arkhamm filled the skyline. The mountain appeared huge, dark, and menacing against the sky. Dark storm clouds surrounded its peak, and a cold wind blew hard against us. It didn't seem to bother the girls or Jr., but goosebumps formed all over my arms.

Jeremy also shivered, as he stood by my side. "That's where we're going?"

I could only nod, as I stared in awe of the imposing scene.

"This is it," Inicula said. "The entire journey, all the fighting has led to this."

"Exciting, isn't it?" Pom Pom asked. "I think it's exciting. I feel like I should be scared, but I'm not. Are you afraid, guys? This looks scary, but I'm pumped."

"I wish I could share your enthusiasm," I replied, "but I have to be honest, this crap monkeys scary."

"It's okay to be afraid," Inicula said.

"Good!" Jeremy laughed, a bit hysterically. "Because I'm terrified."

"That would be the appropriate reaction," Cthulhu Jr. said. "So...onward!"

He walked away and headed toward the head of the Sky Kraken.

"Should we join him?" I asked.

Inicula cracked her neck and started walking. "Might as well. Everyone else is heading over there."

As a group, we moved towards the front of the Sky Kraken. By the time we reached right behind its gigantic, bulbous head, we were less than a mile away from the mountain.

Cthulhu Jr. shouted, "Dad! On my mark, unleash Etherland on that mountain!"

For a moment, I wondered if he meant hell, which he probably did. With one hand I clutched the handle of Bonknir, and I crossed my fingers on the other.

Cthulhu Jr. raised his gun into the air as we closed in. When we were within a thousand feet, he pulled the trigger. It felt like the gunshot sounded around the world. Then with all the fury of a legendary monster, the Sky Kraken smacked about its tentacles and launched globs of goo at the mountain. The first struck the side, cracking open a huge hole. The rest splattered the side but didn't open any additional holes.

Out of the hole, came winged creatures, screeching and crying out.

"Here they come!" Cthulhu Jr. shouted.

Everyone drew their weapons and prepared for the onslaught. The flying creatures closed in, and I recognized them right away.

Chupacabras came at us, just like the one who ran the Traveler's Camp, only these looked angry and poised to kill.

Hundreds of them swarmed over the Sky Kraken. They swooped in, grabbing soldiers, lifting them high into the air. Each screamed as they got thrown over the side to certain death.

"Be wary!" Inicula swung as a chupacabra came at her. She swung her sword vertically intercepting the monster and slicing it right down the middle.

I ducked as another tried to snatch me. Jeremy and Pom Pom dodged around as well. Despite the handful of soldiers that got carried off, the chupacabras otherwise didn't attack. They seemed to be escaping into the distance.

"They aren't the threat," I realized aloud. "They're just the distraction! Cthulhu Jr. tell your dad to watch out!"

"Ha! For what? A few goat sucking freaks?"

On queue, over the top of the mountain appeared a titan-sized bull. It's horns curled multiple times, curving upward. It crossed its arms and gave a dark, and evil laugh.

"Look out for that!" I cried.

"Dad, attack it! It's the monster of Mt. Arkhamm, Pa-Burger!" Jr. shouted.

As the Sky Kraken attacked, a shield of energy appeared around the monstrous bull, taking the brunt of the goo globs.

"You dare approach my home?" Pa-Burger bellowed.

I narrowed my eyes as a seething anger came to life within my heart. That bull--that creature--that THING had my little sister in the mountain.

"Kill the bastard!" I shouted.

Cthulhu Jr. stomped his boot and snapped, "Dad, don't hold back, use your ultimate attack!"

All of the Sky Kraken's tentacles flew straight up, and arcane energy grew between them. Pa-Burger just stared death in the face, not looking scared in the slightest.

"Something isn't right," I said. "It's a trap! Don't unleash that attack!"

"Are ya insane?" Jr. laughed. "This is pure arcane energy! It'll end Pa-Burger, shield or no shield!"

I winced as the Sky Kraken fired off a beam. It flew at Pa-Burger and struck his shield directly, but everyone soon realized the truth. The spell of protection didn't shield him.

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