Strange World: Mega-Real (book 2)

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Final Moment



Across the campfire Master Pupper sang a toast with a mug of soda ale. We all laughed because he'd become as intoxicated as one could be from the low-alcohol substance. He sang a song of our adventure we'd been on, since we'd first met, from the time when I only had a week to live, to the time we faced the Golden Box of Hope, to the time we helped him pass the trials to become a Master of Sorcere.

"Congratulations!" he said. "On finally getting hitched! It only took you forever!"

Inicula sat beside me, in a crimson wedding dress, and laughed. "It only took this dumb dumb nine years to propose finally!"

"Then a year to plan the wedding!" Pom Pom said. "And thank you for letting me help with that! We made it so sudden, though, in the midst of our current adventure. I didn't think it would ever happen, did you? If you didn't believe, that's fine, because at least I did."

"Well, we're facing a significant threat tomorrow!" I grinned and patted my trusty weapon, Bonknir. "Better to go into battle as a married couple, than to, risk dying and never getting to say our vows."

 Inicula leaned her head on my shoulder, "Luvaduv, out of all the battles we fought, easy ones, to perilous, you never wanted to get married so quickly."

"This one is different," I said. "We're sieging the Fortress of Count Ratula, the jerk who turned you into a vampire. This time Pupper finally has passed the Master of Sorcere test, so he is ordained and all that."

"We'll take down the vampire rat lord," Pupper said with a hiccup. "Don't you worry."

"I wasn't!" I laughed and took a swig of my soda ale.

Inicula yawned. "Come to bed, Luvaduv, or we'll never wake up in time to siege while Ratula is still sleeping in his coffin."

"Go away, you two lovebirds," Pom Pom said. "We both know what you want to do. It IS your honeymoon after all."

I blushed at that. We didn't hide that we had been intimate on a regular basis, over the years, but this night did feel special. Not only because of the impromptu honeymoon but because we were so close to getting revenge for Inicula after so many years. She claimed she didn't want it, but it would be my wedding gift to her, smashing in that Rat Vampire Lord's face.

Inicula kissed me on the lips and walked over to the two-person teepee we rented from Mr. Chupacabara.

I looked over at the green skinned alienoid creature, and he looked as happy as could be, at least from his eyes.

"It's your turn to sing," I told him. "And make it loud!"

"Yes, please do!" Pupper-Dog Boy said. "If I have to hear anything from inside that teepee, I'll barf."

I laughed and blushed at the same time.

I followed Inicula to the teepee and walked with my hands in my pockets. My life had changed so drastically from when I lived in the Otherworld. I couldn't help but wonder what Jeremy, Shannon, and Katherine were doing. Who knew, maybe Jeremy and Shannon had gotten married. I laughed at that thought.

Just as I went to move the teepee flap, I heard something--A voice, coming from the woods beyond.

I almost ignored it, thinking I'd made it up. Then I heard it a second time, and they sounded in distress.

As I walked off, I listened to the song in the background,

"Sweet home chupacabra, Chinchilla too, Platypus don't belong here, in Timbuktu."

I walked into the woods, my hand reaching back for Bonknir, on reflex. A green light shone in between the trees, and I followed after it.

"Daniel," the voice said. I hadn't heard that name in a decade. I ducked between trees and under branches, following this ever-moving green light.

"Daniel? Are you there?"

I continued until reaching a clearing upon which the full moon shone brightly. A figure made up of pure green energy stood there, with its back to me. Clearly, from the shape, they were female. She had long dark hair reaching down her back, and wore clothing found in the Otherworld; jeans and a t-shirt.

I walked up behind the figure, finding myself hoping something ridiculous, that somehow someone I knew made it into Strange World.

I reached to put my hand on her shoulder, but it went straight through.

She turned, and my heart leaped into my throat. Without a doubt, standing before me, I saw my sister, Katherine. She'd aged into a fine young woman, beautiful, and petite. But I found her visage horrifying. She had every facial feature, except two huge black holes, were here eyes should've been.

"Kat?" I asked. "Katherine is that you?"

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