Tainted Dreams

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I once read a book about food, and let me tell you that it was quite tasty in writing. 

It all started when I was desperately walking around the library, closely searching for books that caught my eye, and that I haven't read before.

As I was with my dear friend Elijah, him in the corner reading a book about getting the girl of your dreams, I, on the other hand, was finding a book. 

For at least an hour I was searching for one, ignoring Elijah as he kept on calling my name to leave, I wasn't having it. I needed to leave that library with a book in my hands, or else I would have gone ballistic.

Eventually, I found a book that completely changed my opinion of food. That's right. Food.

The Omnivore's Dilemma, the book was called, and let me just tell you, I was fully in love with it. 

A novel that explained the author's opinion, and mine as well. The author argued that Americans are suffering from mass confusion about what to eat, which, did not work for me since I am not an American.

I had every intention of taking the book home with me, although something nearly stopped me. I did not agree with the whole aspect of the book. 

Elijah called me an idiot, a fool, a total nincompoop just because I felt that way, and because I've been wasting his time and mine at the library.

So, I made him happy by signing the book out and striving to see as to what the author is talking about.

After a good day of finishing the entire novel, I placed it down onto my table, walked over to my fridge and was startled with the realization. 

I was suffering from mass confusion about what to eat.

In the end, was the author right? Yes. Was I still hungry? Damn straight. 

Do I still despise milk? Every little drop of it.


"Broccoli, or cauliflower?" I hear my mum say as she holds a giant piece of broccoli and a giant piece of cauliflower. 

"Neither," I say in disgust, shivering at the thought of eating either one.

"You have to pick at least one Oli," she sighs, moving her arms up and down as if she was weighing the vegetables.

"Fine then," I scowl. "Broccoli." I watch as a smile reaches her face, putting away the cauliflower and placing the ugly green tree into the basket. "Although, I'm not going to eat it." I smile as I grab an apple from the top of the enormous rows of apples. "But I will eat this," I tell her as I wipe the apple against my pants, before bringing it up to my mouth and taking a bite out of it.

"Oliver!" she shouts in shock, not at all thinking that I was going to do that.

"What?" I mumble as I chew. "I'm hungry," I shrug, swallowing the pieces of apple.

"So, you don't want the broccoli?" she groans, rubbing her eyes in distraught. 

Watching my mum be exhausted with my imprudence doesn't feel good. I'm not trying to be an ass, but I merely really don't like vegetables. Yet, I hate making my mum feel the regret for taking me to the market.

"No," I shake my head. "I want the broccoli."

Quickly she whips her head and stares at me with widened eyes. "You do?" 

I nod. "I mean, I should be eating healthy anyways, so the broccoli will do."

"Are you being serious, or are you playing a prank on me now?"

I roll my eyes at my poor mum. "It's not a prank mum. It's a new me," I smile, raising my hands in the air.

"A new you?" she questions with raised eyebrows.

"I call it my New years resolution," I say, taking another bite of the apple.

"It's August."

"Damn, really?" I say with shock. "Has seven months gone by that fast?" I question, placing my index finger on my chin as a way of thinking.

"I truly don't know if you are joking with me now Oliver. I'm really concerned about you," she says with a chuckle as she picks up the basket and continues to carry it. 

"Let me, mum," I say, seeing as she struggles with the weight of the food. "I got it," I tell her.

"And your apple?" she asks, cocking her head at the side.

"Ah," I nod, remembering that I do have a half-eaten apple in my hand. Of course, being a smart child, I come up with a brilliant idea as to where the apple should be put.

My mum stares at me as she waits for me to put the apple away, and so I do. I open my mouth wide enough so that I can place the apple perfectly in, and when it does, I bite down into the apple as hard as I can.

"Done," I mumbled, grabbing the basket from the mum's hands and walking away. 

"You could have thrown it away!" she exclaims as she walks up to me.

"Why on earth would I throw away a free apple?" I say, although half the words come out as gibberish, so I don't think my mum fully understood me. 

"You look like a horse Oliver," she ridicules as she walks into another aisle.

"Like the ones from My Little Pony?" I question, almost about to let out a chuckle until I see the look on my mum's face. 

That look, shut me up for sure.

"Do you want beans for the stew?" she asks, although I have no idea why. Even though my mum feels the need to ask me, she's already grabbing five cans and dropping it in the basket. 

"It seems like it," I mumbled, widely staring at the five cans of red kidney beans in the basket.

Amy Sparks

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