Take The Fall

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Chapter 2


“Mrs Falcon, you shouldn’t keep this secret from Lily. She needs to know the truth or she will stay in this condition possibly forever,” advised Mr Blanco.

“Listen, Mr Blanco. My daughter must never be told about this. One peeps about this to her and I can make your life turn into haywire. You wouldn’t want that to happen right, Mr Blanco?” I threatened.  

He looked down with a sigh. I walk past him and enter the lounge room. There, seated innocently, is the apple of my eyes. She looked frail and vulnerable. Her long wavy hair then is gone due to the accident.

I sighed. 

“Hi, sweetheart! How was the session?” I managed a smile. 

“Mummy, can you tell Daddy that I don’t want to go for this anymore? It’s a waste of time. Please….” she looked at me pleadingly.  

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I can’t.” 

Lily got down from the love seat. She seems disappointed.

“I just can’t remember anything,” she said as she exits the room.

I felt disheartened by the look on her face. However, I cannot help myself from feeling relieved that her memories have not been recalled. I cannot afford for her to regain it. I cannot afford to lose her and my husband. I have come so far. I cannot afford to fall back to the bottom. I am sorry, sweetheart. You will have to take this fall for me.   


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