Take The Fall

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Chapter 7


5 years later…

“Lily! We have been at this for an hour and you are still at the second question?! You really are….”

“Jesse, you’ve known me for the longest time. Why are you still surprised by how terrible I am at studying?”

And there it is… Jesse’s death glare. Yup, I somehow managed to get him to stick around my life for 5 years. He is the brightest best guy friend ever but when it comes to studying….


“You know, you are such a hypocrite. You told me that books are very scared objects for they bring the vastness of knowledge to the world. And here you are slamming a book on the table.”

He back faced me and runs his fingers on his wavy auburn hair. His shoulders go up and down, trying to gain some composure. Making him angry is so fun. It is especially easy to achieve this whenever we are studying together. His temper runs short when he sees someone as slow as me. Hehe!

Knock knock.

“Hey! How are my 2 favourite kids?” Daddy entered with the biggest smile on his face, with a tray of Ham and Cheese sandwiches!! Thank goodness, my saviour is here!

Daddy’s smile quickly disappeared after he saw Jesse’s expression. He turned to me and immediately suspected me, “What did you do to Jesse?”

Oops, I forgot that I am the second when Jesse is around.

“Nothing,” I said while giving my best “I am innocent” look.

“Nice try, Lily. That look doesn’t work on me anymore. Come, Jesse. I made you a sandwich and your favourite honey lemon tea.

“Thank you, Colonel Falcon,” Jesse saluted to Daddy and gave his dorkiest smile.

Urgh, he is so dramatic. I should have not brought Jesse home 5 years ago. Now Daddy thinks Jesse is some miracle worker who brought home his sulky daughter.

“Where is Mummy, by the way? I haven’t seen her since breakfast.”

“She said that she is meeting some of her friends. She should be back soon."

“She always has plans outside whenever Jesse is around. Jesse, maybe you are a magnet that repels my mum. Ouch! Daddy! Why did you hit me? I was just kidding!”

“You deserve it!”

Daddy started to tickle me. Okay fine. Let the tickle war begin! Here I come, Jesse!

Wait, there it is again. Jesse is laughing but something is off. This always happens whenever we mentioned Mummy.


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