Tangled In Blue

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Double or Nothing

During music class, our teacher Mrs. Bell told us she would be pairing us off in preparation for our last and final annual talent show.

“I have a bit of news to share with you all,” she stood in front of the class as she cleared her throat, “I have it on good authority that, as per usual, mega-star Kyle Kinley and his equally successful protegee Jordan Carter will be coming to not only watch our annual talent show but they’ll be talent-scouting as well. The top five students that will be chosen -with my recommendation of cos- will be awarded a fully-funded scholarship and a guaranteed spot at their prestigious College of Music.”

There was an excited buzz all across the auditorium. “Alright, alright. Quiet down now. I’m going to partner you with someone I think will complement your gift. You have to fuse together- blending like a beautiful harmony.” she voiced with excitement and passion as she paired us off.

There were squeals of delight of groans of displeasure as she called out names. I guess we were all hoping to be doubled with the super-talented Blue, that way you would be guaranteed a win.

“For those of you who are moaning about my choice of your significant other, just remember I know what’s best. I’ve been doing this for the past twenty years and I know what works and what doesn’t. I’m looking for chemistry that you have felt and heard for duets between the likes of Pink and Nate Ruess, Camilla and Shawn, Pharrell and Robin, Justin Timberlake and Timberland, Gabby and Troy from High School Musical.” Hold up?? She knows who all these artists? “Dan and Shay, Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown, Bieber and Ed-I could go on and on but I’m sure you get my drift as you might say.” She waved her hands about dramatically.

“Corbyn and Blue I’m sure you have figured out that you two are stuck together. Congratulations on your union, everyone!” she clasped her hand together and smiled.

“You’d better not mess this up Innocent,” she whispered to me as Mrs. Bell droned on and on.

“The name is Corbyn-”

“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes.

"Corbyn and Blue. A word please?" she asked as everyone trickled out.

“No can do Bells,” Blue said as she swooped her books off the desk. “I've got a hot date and he can't wait,” she winked at her and patted her shoulder as she slung her bag over her shoulder and left.

“Since your classmate didn’t think what I have to tell you both of great importance,” she took a deep breath and pursed her lips. Her sleek brown and pinched face, intimidating me. “As your Student Advisor, I am going to pair you off with Blue for the rest of the semester. Her grades have hit rock bottom and we both know she’s not that dumb.” She pushed her spectacles up the bridge of her nose.

“Mrs. Bell I-”

“You will be more than happy to help? Thank you so much.” She finished, but that is not what I wanted to say. “You’re a straight-A student Corbyn. Why don’t you offload some of that information to the needy hmm? Help the less fortunate?” she hummed, a tight smile on her face. “Don’t you want to do your bit for the community Corbyn?

“With all due respect Ma’am, I can’t-”

“If you really must know, she won’t make it to college if you don’t help her,” she gave a careless shrug of her stiff shoulders, “Will probably have to repeat another year,” she guilt-tripped, appealing to my humanity. "Plus her social worker might have to-I could ensure I recommend you as one of my top students...?” She was playing dirty now. “I know that music is your passion Corbyn and being mentored by two of the best in the business will take you to greater heights that you can only dream of. So what’s it going to be? Hmm?” She looked at me expectantly. “Oh, did I mention that you will get a recording contract on admission?” She said with a smug smile, knowing that I had taken the bait.

“Once I break the news to Blue, I’ll leave it up to you how and when to schedule the study sessions,” she grabbed a pile of books from her desk and walked to the door then paused, “You two are going to have a lot of fun together,” was her taunting parting shot.

When I got out of the class lunch break was almost over and there was a commotion in the parking lot. I noticed a sizeable crowd had gathered around as I got closer.

“What’s up?” I asked Justin and a couple of friends that were milling around.

“Levi was caught Blue-handed. If you know what I mean...” my friend Torrien Bowie cackled as we all looked on. “It’s got to be either a practical or an oral,” Torren said to Justin.

“What do you mean?” I questioned.

“Watch,” Justin simply replied as he folded his arms across his chest.

Levi’s long, lean legs stretched out as he slid out of his red Mustang and zipped up his pants, then slipped on his t-shirt. Followed by Blue, who straightened out her short jean skirt and ran her fingers through her wild hair.

All the guys in the football team lurched forward and cheered, giving their captain fist-bumps and pats on the back.

“You two-my office. Now!” Principal Greene ordered as he pointed at the raunchy couple before he marched off, steam practically coming out of his ears. “The rest of you back to class!” He barked and all the students scattered in different directions, not wanting to be a recipient of his wrath.


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