Tangled In Blue

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The Story Behind The Story


The bell sounded off, signaling the end of the lesson and I was heading over to music class, when Blue fell into step with me.

“Hey innocent,” she said as she pinched my cheek.

“Hey Trouble,” I clapped back.

“Touche baby.” She smiled, white teeth flashing in her gorgeous face. Satisfaction flashed in his eyes, but they remained strangely chilled. “So have you decided what song we’re going to do?”

“I haven’t given it a lot of thought...you got any ideas?”

“Let’s meet after school?” she suggested as we entered the classroom. “Maybe we can go to your place-or mine-and brainstorm? Then maybe you can squeeze in a lesson or two while you’re at it? How does that sound?” The glow of enthusiasm, the fever of creativeness were at its height.

“Sounds like fun!” I exclaimed, being carried away by her eagerness.

The lesson went on without a hitch and there was a buzz of excitement in the class. We were all excited-and nervous-to have two of the best in the music industry, to come and be guests of honor as well as judges for our Annual Talent Show.

Torren and Justin were milling outside when I exited the room and they gave me a knowing smile as I approached them.

“We need to talk Coleman.” Justin draped an arm around me. My friends grinned, their eyes filled with mischief.

They steered me to the homeroom and fortunately, it wasn’t occupied. It had been my experience that when my friends said those words and made those faces they were up to something.

“Spill,” Torren demanded.

He was our star basketball player and one of the most sort after guys at school. His mother was African-American and his father was a Greek tycoon.

“I don’t know-” A strong masculine hand gripped my shoulder.

“Stop playing games Corbs. Start talking dude,” Justin said as he tapped his foot impatiently. “We heard that Blue cornered you at your locker-what was that all about? Have you Blue-matised?”

“What?!” Was my surprised response. “It’s not what you think guys.”

I held up both hands and took a step back, while I concocted a convincing story, since I couldn’t tell them the truth. Blue trusted me with her secret and it wasn’t mine to tell. I couldn’t betray her confidence.

“Uh uh...” Torren folded his arms against his chest.

“She just wanted us to meet up after school-to-uh-discuss the songs for the talent show,” I blurted out. I hope I sounded convincing.

“We’ll buy that...” Justin looked at me, as if unconvinced, raising his eyebrows.

“For now...” Torren managed to infuse into his tone a great deal of suspicion.

“Can I go now? I’ve got to meet up with Blue-”

“Oooh!” Torren barked as he started to laugh.

“Now the truth comes out!” Justin fell back and joined in.

“It’s not like that!” I rolled my eyes, slightly miffed.

“So where are you and the sexy blue-eyed seductress heading off to?” Torren tilted his head and gave me a sinister smile.

“Do tell? Please??” Justin laughed.

“You guys are-”

“Innocent, meet me in the car park in five-we’re going to my place,” she cut in at the exact wrong time. My friends grinned as they tried to keep in their crude comments. “I’m going to the bathroom first. Please put these in my locker-combination is written here. Thanks,” she dumped her textbooks in my arms and hurried out.

“Ooooh!” They encircled me and started taunting me again.

“Please put it in Corbyn,” Justin gasped in a sensual voice.

“She meant the locker!” I clenched my teeth.

“Please come over Corbyn,” Torren mimicked her voice, “I’m so hot for an innocent...” he moaned as he trailed his hand down his chest.

“I’m not doing this with you!” I pushed them aside as they burst out laughing again, teasing me as I rushed out.

“Hey, Corbyn!” Levi ran up from behind. “Have you seen Blue?”

“I-uh-” Why is he asking me again?

“She said you were heading over to her house for practice or something?”

“Oh! Yeah!” I gulped. “We were-are-”

“Do you know where she is? I wanted to see her real quick...if you know what I mean..” he bounced his eyebrows and smirked.

“I’m not sure-uh-she said she was going to the bathroom and that I should meet her in the carpark in about five minutes,” I told him.

“I’ll just have to go and see if she needs help, don’t you think?” he winked one eye slyly and slapped me on the shoulder. “Thanks, man.” He jogged over to the restrooms and I went to put the books in the locker as instructed.

As I shut the door of her locker, noise erupted in the hallway as Levi came barreling through with his best friend’s body on his broad shoulders.

He slammed Tyler against the hard tiled floor and straddled him, then rained punches on his flawless face, painting it a bright red.

Students surged forward and soon a crowd had gathered to watch Royal Rumble live at Red Rock.

“How could you!” Levi yelled as he continued to assault his BFF. “You’re my best friend man!”


Edited: 26.02.2020

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