Tangled In Blue

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Blue Temptation


My phone buzzed in my back pocket and dug my hand in to retrieve it.


“Let’s go Innocent-show is over.”

“I thought-you know-after what just happened-”

“Blur-blur-blur-Did I stutter??? Get your butt out here. I’m waiting out in my car.”

“Let me guess?” Torren asked, the expression in his eyes smug. He had obviously overheard or eavesdropped rather, on my phone convo. “That was True-Blue and she’s waiting for you to finish what she started the restrooms.” Justin laughed.

“I got to go,” I brushed them off and stalked off as they taunting cackles echoed behind me.

I spotted her Audi R8 black matte convertible and strode over to it, the sound of the pulsing, idling engine vibrating in my ears.

“Jump in,” she said as she unlocked the door.

“Nice wheels,” I complimented as I sunk back onto the leather seat.

“Thanks,” was her abrupt response.

It was common knowledge that Blue was a spoilt little rich girl but no one knew much about her background or about her parentage.

“Are you hungry? I’m starving-we should pass through the diner on the way home,” she rambled, as her grip on the wheel tightened.

“Uhmm-okay...” I agreed hesitantly.

“I gave Janet-the housekeeper, the day off, she had a family emergency to sort out. Are you okay with getting take-out? Or do you want to sit somewhere and eat?”

“Blue,” I said, my voice metallic and commanding.

“I’m not much of a cook though but we-”

“Blue-” I tried again to get her attention. she was avoiding the elephant in the room and I couldn’t let it slide.

“I should have frozen food-”

“Laura-Jane, stop!” I shouted at the top of my voice and finally got her attention.

She glanced at me briefly, her expression unreadable.

“Why did you do it Laura-Jane?” I questioned in a low voice.

“Only my Mom calls me that-” she licked her lips and let out a short sigh before averting her gaze.

“Now there’s two of us-why did you do it?” I persisted.

“I don’t owe you an explanation. We’re not yet on that level-” she countered.

“Oh but you elevated us to that level when you burdened me with your secret and propositioned me.” I opposed.

“Whatever,” she threw an eye-roll in my direction.

“I’m listening...”

“You wouldn’t understand.” She shook her head and looked at me again, something shifted in her penetrating blue eyes.

“Try me.”

“You’ve never kissed a girl, how do you expect to understand something so complex?” she tossed back.

“How did you know-”

“Everyone knows. In case you didn’t know, your friends made it common knowledge,” she smiled.

“Should have guessed.”

“I think it’s kinda cute-”

“Don’t try and change the-”

“I lost interest in Levi. So the best way to get rid of him-for good- was to hook up with his friend-” she said in one breath.

“I’m sure there were other ways-”


“You didn’t have to hurt him-”

“I weighed my options.”

“That was cruel Blue. Even for a heartless douche like Levi-”

“He was cheating on me anyway,” she tried to justify her actions.

“That’s not an excuse. Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

“I knew you wouldn’t understand,” she huffed as we turned into a free parking spot at the mall.

We ended up grabbing a bite at Taco Bell. We ordered two combos and continued on our journey to San Rafael, where Blue lived.

“Let me give you the grand tour before we eat,” she suggested as she threw her bag on the kitchen counter.

“Yeah, I’d like that,” I said.

Her house was situated on a country estate and resembled a holiday retreat. Nestled on an acre in a sought after and historic neighborhood. The contemporary residence was exquisite, with a majestic unobstructed views of the mountain and the valley. The meticulously maintained outdoor and indoor living spaces were ideal for year-round entertaining or relaxation, with privacy assured from every angle.

The gourmet kitchen was outfitted with quartz countertops, appliances, and gadgets that looked like they were imported from out of space, as well as professionally designed architectural lighting. The bright and airy kitchen opened into a spacious living and dining area with a backdrop of gorgeous views and natural light. White oak flooring extended from the kitchen throughout the living and dining areas that were connected by a stone see-through gas log fireplace. The bedrooms were on the third floor and all came with an en-suite. It had an entertainment room and a games room. An indoor and outdoor pool, tennis court, basketball court, and a massive guest cottage. As if this house couldn’t be any more perfect it was conveniently located next to San Francisco, coastal beaches.

“What more could a person ask for?” I sighed as we descended the stairs and made our back to the kitchen.

“A whole lot more...” There was a strange note of wistful longing in her voice.

“So where are your parents? Do they travel a lot?” Curiosity finally got the better of me and I presented the burning question.


Edited: 20.02.2020

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