Tangled In Blue

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The Sign


Blue’s head jerked up as I approached her desk in the English Lit class. She had been avoiding me all morning.

I slid onto the seat next to her as usual, and she acted normal. “Why did you Katy Perry me Laura-Jane?” I hissed under my breath.

“I kissed a girl, and I liked it...” she broke into song and smiled.

“Keep the sordid details to yourself, Miss Rivers!” The teacher’s voice resounded from the front and a ripple of smothered laughter circled the room.

“This isn’t over-”

“You’re right about that innocent...” She pressed her fingers against my lips and winked, rolling her tongue over pink, glossy, strawberry scented-.

“Mr. Coleman!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“We’re waiting for you to give us a brief summary of yesterday’s reading. Today preferably.”

I looked around the class and fortunately, I was well versed with this story in particular. “In the opening chapter, we are introduced to the three Elliot daughters: Elizabeth, who is beautiful, yet vain like her father; Anne, who has a sweetness of character, but is often overlooked by her family; and Mary, who thinks herself very important since her marriage. Of the three, Elizabeth is the favorite of Sir Walter, and Anne is the favorite of Lady Russell.”

“Very good,” he nodded. “It’s so refreshing to have a student that actually likes to read. Miss Johnson, you’re up next. Please pick up where Coleman left off.” Terrel was busy making eyes at Justin and was oblivious to her surroundings. She was too busy watching his mouth to pay attention to the words actually coming out of it. “Is today soon enough for you Miss Johnson!”

“What?!” she jumped up and the class couldn’t help but crack up again.

Just then the bell rand signaling the end of the lesson. “Saved by the bell Miss Johnson. I expect you to be better prepared for my next lesson. That goes for all of you,” he pointed a stern finger at all the students. “Class dismissed.”

A shuffling of feet was heard as we made our way out of the classroom. Blue rushed ahead and just as I was going after her, Melani stopped me.

“Hey Corbyn, can we sit together at lunch?”

Before I could answer Blue came back and tugged my hand, leading me up the stairs. “Yes!” she shouted to Melani as we ascended.

“You need to stop doing that!” I told her as we got to the top of the stairs.

“Or what?”

“Blue, you need to stop meddling.”

“Fine. I’m sorry okay,” she sighed as she held her hands up in surrender. “I was only trying to help a friend get hooked up okay?”


“Got it,” she saluted.

“And no more kissing me senseless.”

“So you kissed a girl, and you liked it?” she started to sing again.“You like it...”

“Why did you do it Laura-Jane?”

“Because it was lesson number one-more impromptu lessons to follow,” she winked before she stepped into music class.

“Good afternoon class,” Mrs. Bell’s voice shrilled. “Today we have very special guests that will be joining us.”

There followed a buzz of excitement in the auditorium. “Quiet down while I go and check if our-oh here they are!”


My draw dropped to the floor as my idol, role model, hero, icon-superstar extraordinaire- the epitome of talent-Kyle freakin’ Kinley-was standing on the stage, right before my very eyes. He was with his twins and they were an exact replica of their father. I blinked and gripped the edge of my seat as screams echoed from corner to corner, back to front, left to right. There was not a single soul in this room that wasn’t affected by the man who came to close to perfection; that stood abashedly before us.

As students rushed forward to get a closer look, his bodyguards stepped forward and kept the swooning crowd back. Some people had passed out while others were in tears or throwing up. The excitement was just too much to contain.

I took a few seconds to glance over at Blue and she was equally affected. She was full-on fangirling!

Her hands were over her flushed cheeks and she was screaming her head-off, tears streaming down her face unashamedly.

This guy was a freakin’ legend! Even Mrs. Bell was swooning!

This went on for well over fifteen minutes and all he could do was just pace up and down the stage, high-fiving as many screaming teenagers as possible.

“If he smiles I’m going to black-out! I swear!” Blue chanted and when he smiled his signature dimples popped-out, sending Blue into a frenzy. “Ahhhhh!OMG! OMG!” she screamed. “My ovaries just popped! I swear!”

“I think I just came!” Terrel moaned next to her.

As I stood back and watched I hoped I could attain even half that level of fame.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it’s him-it’s really him-tell me this isn’t a dream-please tell me it’s not a dream!” Terrel repeated in a state of delirium.

“He’s just in a plain t-shirt, jeans and freakin converse-and yet he looks so freakin' hot!” Blue gushed.

Mrs. Bell gave up trying to control the hysterical students and was allowed to walk back on the stage. She probably apologized for our over-eager behavior because he nodded and waved as he walked off the stage, to the dismay of all his fans.


Edited: 20.02.2020

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