Tangled In Blue

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Another Chance


“Hey, Corbyn.” A familiar shape stood in our corner of the cafeteria.

She caught our attention as she passed, and paused to raise a hand in greeting. Her make up flawless, dressed in super-tight skinny jeans and a white midriff top, that showcased her belly ring and ample cleavage. Her fragrance with a hint of cherry and teased my nostrils. Chicks this attractive weren't meant to be sitting in cafeterias. They graced magazine covers, starred in blockbuster movies, and modeled for designer labels.

“Hey, Gemma...” My eyes traveled the length of her long, lean jean-clad legs.

What? I’m human.

“Can I sit?” She asked while in the process of doing exactly that already. She took a single fry from my plate, dipped it into the cheese sauce before popping it into her mouth.

I nodded, slightly breathless as she moved in close.“Uhmm...yeah. Sure...”

“Oh, this is going to be good...” Torren and Justin fist-bumped and gave each other a knowing grin. Their attention

“So...” she tossed her long mane of platinum blonde leaned her elbow on the table as she twirled her finger in her hair. “When are you planning to ask me to the Spring Dance? It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic really, I just need you to at least put in some effort.” She bit her bottom lip seductively and smiled. Her eyes slid to my lips and back up as she waited for an answer, sapphire-blue eyes glittered with anticipation.

My eyes snapped back up to her, heat pooling into my cheeks as my friends tried to stifle their laughter. I narrowed my eyes in confusion. “Uh...Gemma...I think you’re mistaken. I wasn’t planning-”

Her fingers flew to my lips, silencing me. “Oh! I know-you’re shy but I’m sure we can work around it...” Her hand covered mine as she flashed me a sympathetic smile. “So I’ll be wearing a gold dress-which will blow you away btw-which means your tie has to match.” She leaned one elbow back against the chair and slid the other hand into her top and retrieved a silk tie from-I think you know so I’m not going to say it. It’s bad enough I had to witness it.

She folded it neatly and tucked it in the pocket of my jean shirt. “Now you’re all set,” she trailed her finger down my t-shirt and gnawed at her lower lip, watching the emotions that crossed my face. “See you later babe.” She pouted her pink lips and blew me a kiss. “Later boys.” As she walked away, she let her hips swing slightly.

Torren let out a low whistle. “Hmmm...I would definitely hit that... Hard, fast and bent over at a ninety-degree angle.” He slapped his thigh for a dramatic effect.

Justin seemed to agree.“I feel you T. I would flip her over like an omelet and-”

“You can stop now!” I groaned as I covered my virgin ears.

“We both know you’re going to waste resources,” Torren shrugged.

“Very valuable resources, might I add,” Justin raised his finger for emphasis.

“So why don’t you bounce her over to me? I’m sure she would love to bounce on this chocolate-”

“Guys! Please! TMI!” I put my hands up as I squirmed uncomfortably in my chair.

“Sorry CC,“ Justin’s amused voice teased. “We didn’t mean to pollute your pure ears with our dirty talk.”

I threw an onion ring at him. “Whatever.”

“What was that all about anyway?” Torren mused as he bit into his burger.

He returned my focus to my food with a shrug of the shoulders. “Your guess is as good as mine dude.”

“She wants you to drill a cavity in her Coleman?”

“Totes!” Justin mimicked Gemma’s voice causing Torren to splatter his drink all over.

“She wants it, oh she wants it... You got to give it to her...” Justin began to sing as he waggled his eyebrows at me.

“They probably had a bet over who would get the deflowerization award first.” Torren laughed.

“Wouldn’t put it past them,” Justin added.

“Who’s getting deflowered?” Blue asked as she and Terrel slid into the seat next to me.

“Our very own, Drikus over here,” Justin jerked his head in my direction.

“What?! She frowned at me suspiciously. “Who?”

“Gemma.” Torren divulged.

“What?!” The girls called out in unison.

“That’s my cue to leave,” I shrugged on my backpack. “I’ve got a Calculus test today so I need to be focused.”

“Tell me guys are joking?” Terrel looked at my friends for confirmation.

“Corbyn, wait,” Blue followed me into the empty hallway.

I turned, regarding her with apprehension as we paced along the hall. “Please don’t start. I’ve had enough from my friends as it is.”

“Psshhht!”Her sigh of aggravation came out as a hiss. “Really innocent? You don’t expect me to believe that crap, do you??”

“It’s just that Gemma asked me to the Spring Dance-”

“She did?!”




As we rounded the corner, Blue bumped into someone. Her books scattered all over the floor and Levi Matthews didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, as he helped her pick them up.

“I’m sorry...” he said in barely a whisper, his eyes downcast as he handed her the books.


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