Tangled In Blue

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Coach’s whistle blew signifying the end of the swimming session. Breaking through the surface, I gasped in a few breaths before swimming towards the shore with powerful strokes. Then gripped the edge of the pool and hoisted myself out of the water, every muscle in my body sore. There was a swimming gala on Friday and since I was the strongest swimmer I would be competing in the individual medley, which involves swimming all four strokes in a particular order - butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

I patted myself dry before I headed to the showers. As I turned into the changing room I found Blue sitting on the bench close to my locker. As luck would have it, all my teammates had already left otherwise they would have teased me mercilessly.

“Hey...you were really good out there,” She smiled, though her tone sounded nervous and tentative.

“Yeah, thanks.” I slipped a t-shirt over my head and my boxers under my towel before slipping into my white cargo shorts.

“You don’t need to hide from me innocent...I’ve seen you naked before, remember?? And vice-a-versa...” A conspiratorial grin flashed across her face.

Shaking my head, I pulled off the towel, tossing them in my gym bag. “Don’t remind me.”

“Maybe I’m the one that needs reminding...” She leaned back on her hands and chewed her bottom lip, her somber gaze alluring.

“I think Levi got that covered,” I grabbed my bag from the bench and headed to the door.

“Corbyn-I can explain,” she trotted beside as we went through the empty grounds and up the stairs that led to the car park.

Since my parents were out of town I was using their car. Lucky me-I didn’t have to have an awkward journey home with Blue. With the way I was feeling, I would have probably caught the bus or walked.

“You don’t owe me any explanations Laura-Jane,” I retorted, my tone flat and uninterested as I opened the back door of the Discovery and threw my bag on the leather seat.

“You must think that I’m stupid to give Levi another chance don’t you?”

I completely ignored her and swung the door on the driver’s side open before hopping in and slamming the door. “Not my monkey. Not my circus Laura-Jane,” I shut the door and adjusted my seat as I paused with my hand on the ignition key and glanced at her furtively.

“Corbyn don’t be like this. At least give me a chance to-”

“Who you choose to date isn’t my business. So from now on, I’m going to just stay in my lane.”

“This discussion isn’t over!” She shouted as my car backed out of the parking lot and headed home.

I couldn’t understand why I was mad at her. All she did was makeup with her ext-bae, who also happened to be one of the most popular guys at school. Most girls would give their teeth to be with Levi Matthews and most guys would do the same for a chance with Blue. I was a nobody with nothing to offer.

Truth be told, I had feelings for Blue. I wanted her in my life. She confused me. She intrigued me...frustrated me.

I was trying to work on my history assignment but had a hard time concentrating. Suddenly feeling hungry, I slammed my MacBook shut and abandoned my schoolwork as I went to the kitchen in search of food.

There was giggling coming from the den and I didn’t need three guesses at to who it was.

“You’re so beautiful Blue,” my brother was saying in a voice that made me sick to my stomach. “You’re perfect. We’d be perfect together...what do you say?”

“I say...I’ll think about it big boy.” Blue drawled as she laughed again.

What was she doing here? Most importantly what was she doing with my brother?

I waited with bated breath- certain that I must have been hearing things, keeping as close to the wall farthest from them as possible.

“So what do you say we ditch your study session with my dweeb brother and get out of here, so I can take you on a real date?”

“Sorry big guy but I can’t...”

“What about after?” he persisted.

“How about Friday you come to my show?” she suggested.

“It’s a date baby.”

“Cool. I gotta go now.”

“Don’t I get a kiss?”

“Oh no!” she laughed. “You’re going to have to work for it bad boy.”

“I’m always up for a challenge, so bring it on baby.” I heard a shuffling of feet as the moved across the room.

I made a hasty retreat to the kitchen and busied myself by making a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. Deciding on a whim, I took the frozen chips from the freezer and threw them in the chip fryer, after I had heated the oil.

I had my iPod on, singing ‘Over My Head’ one of my favorite songs by Neyo, just as Blue made an appearance, causing my heart to skip a beat.

She jumped on the stool and watched me with renewed interest. “You were really into that song innocent? Can you relate or does it remind you of a special someone?”

“Or maybe I just love the song?” I shrugged as I took out two glasses from the cupboard and filled them with ice-cold apple cider.

“It really brings out your voice... I kind of like it...” she piped as she cocked her head and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hungry?” I asked as I moved around the kitchen.

“Aren’t I always?” she smiled.


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