Tauntlee Adventures: Twin Troubles

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Chapter Two: Aurora




"Aurora, where have you been?" A man in a faded trench coat leans against a tree. "I thought I told you not to leave camp."


She rolls her eyes and walks past him, "I was doing some special training on my own." He walks alongside her down an old faded trail leading to a grove. Off to the left of a grove is a campfire which flames are fading. She walks about halfway toward the camp. She can hear the sound of metal rubbing metal as he pulls his sword from its sheath. She rolls to the left as the sword falls beside her head. "What the hell, Alex!"


He holds his sword back behind him with one hand stretched out in front of him. "Show me what you have learned." He charges at her with sword overhead. She steps to the right as his sword comes down inches away from her. She tightens her fists as he backslashes. She rolls to the ground and slams her fists into the grass. Two slabs of stone shoot up from the ground catching his sword hand between them.


"Impressive, you taught yourself this." Purple Sparks jump off his hand as the stones crumble to the ground. "You need to practice with it more though." He sheaths his sword. "But very good, my protege." He turns and walks to the camp and sits on a log next to the smoking pile of embers. "It's your turn to get the firewood." He grins as he stands and walks to the makeshift tent. “I’ll catch us some dinner tonight." He leans into the tent and grabs a sleek black compound bow and a quiver of arrows.


She walks over to the fire pit stomp it out. "Why do we always have to move every few days?"


His shoulders are rigid as he stops in his tracks. "We have to, I have strong enemies." Her head droops while she walks through the camp. she picks up an ax that’s leaning against a tree before rushing into the woods.


Soon she comes to a small creek that flows under a bridge downstream and through the woods upstream. She bends over, scoops up some water in her hands, and takes a drink.


scooping some more water and splashes it on her face. As her vision clear’s she sees a young woman walking on the water. The woman has long brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. She stands and rubs her eyes and forces a blink. She looks back downstream and no one is there. She shakes it off as a side effect of using all that energy to fight Sauron. She bends down, picks up her ax and continues upstream. Walking until she finds a section of woods filled with unhealthy looking trees. She touches the bark of a small tree, a twig snaps in the distances.


"Hello? Is anyone there?" A shadow passes between two trees behind her, she turns and nothing is near by. She walks towards a bigger tree further in the forest. The woman is standing next to the tree outside of sight.


She places her hand on the bark and closes her eyes. "Demeter, I ask you for your blessing as I harvest this tree." The tree shakes underhand. "Thanks," She raises the ax above her head, a distance behind her stands the woman. She swings the ax, cutting into the bark.


A thin fog begins to roll in as the woman begins to glow, an eerie green smoke rolls down her body. The ax hits the tree again; the woman is now a few steps away. Her head arches to the right as her arms fall again, sending splinters into the air. The woman now stands behind Aurora. her body begins to shake as her head snaps to the left. Her mouth falls open as the ax hits the tree again. The woman is now inches away from the ax, she reaches out with her hand as She prepares to swing again. She swings and the woman steps in front of her, Her eyes grow big as she tries to stop, but it is too late.


The ax passes through the woman, slamming into the tree. The woman begins to moan, it echoes through the forest. "Cursed be the road you seek." Aurora struggles, trying to pull the ax free as sweat begins to roll down her face. "Fear not, the savior is near." Aurora loses her grip on the ax and falls to the wet ground.


The woman hovers over her, "Stand together and nothing will fail." Aurora crawls backward away from the tree. The woman bends down and looks her in eyes shaking with sudden jerks of her head. "But stand-alone and all will be lost."


The woman's head snaps back and forth, as her jaw becomes tight, she screams as her body begins to shrivel. She reaches out with her hand and strokes Aurora's cheek. "Blood be strong." Her body crumbles to the ground as if its made of ash.


Aurora stands and dusts off her pants bewildered. She chuckles a little, with worry in her eyes. She wraps her fingers around the handle as she looks around to see if the woman is still there. She pulls the ax from the tree with ease. "What was that about?”


She hits the tree again, it cracks and snaps. The tree falls toward her. She rolls out of the way before the tree smashes on the ground, throwing mud into the air splashing her. "Great. Thanks a lot, Demeter." She walks to the end of the tree and sighs as she begins the long and tedious process of cutting the tree down to size.


While hauling some of the wood back to the camp, she hears the twang of a bow she has learned to expect. she comes to the spot where she washed her face before. She throws down the wood and jumps into the deepest spot of the creek. As her head bobs back above the surface, she begins to scrub her face washing the rest of the mud off. She hears a twig snap on the opposite side of the creek. "Alex is that you?"


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