Tauntlee Adventures: Twin Troubles

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Chapter 15: Council of The Gods


The car tire explodes sending bobby crashing against the door. the window shatters as the car rolls. It slams into a small tree smashing out the front window; the tree does little to stop the rolling car. Another tree catches the driver side door ripping it from its hinges, the car rolls again. He is thrown through the back window. He slams into a tree and tumbles to the ground, not moving and barely breathing. He awakens on a soft fluffy floor; above him is the star filled sky. He tries to sit up and his body sinks through floor, then he gently floats back upward.

He finally stands and notices a white marble pillar that towers above him. Before the pillar touches the star filled ceiling it fades away, but that is the least of his worries. A few yards ahead of him stands a U-shaped table. The legs are made of the pillars surrounding the room with a marble tabletop. all he can see is the legs of five giants and two empty thrones. while he is getting closer the ground, begin to shake as two of the giants begin to argue.

A Young and strong voice barks, "We don't need the help of this mortal, when we can just go and do it ourselves.”

An older wiser voice says calmly. "Ares calm yourself before me, you know we cannot intervene in the mortal affairs."

Ares slams something down on the table and it sways back and forth. "Zeus, Has Hades your brother not intervened in mortal affairs."

he stops walking just before the center of the table, the floor under his feet begin to shift causing bobby to fall. He catches himself as the floor pushes apart from his weight. revealing that he is standing on a cloud above the peak of a mountain. The cloud lifts him into the sky as Ares shouts. "We must do the same if you wish to beat him before the winter solstice."

Zeus slams his fist on the table. "No, we must follow tradition or we will lose everything."

Bobby’s head pops above the tabletop, as Ares pulps back down on his throne. The high stone back has a sword over a shield inlayed above Ares head. “Zeus Your pet has finally graced us with his presents."

Ares has long black hair that has a slight red tint. he is wearing bronze Spartan armor, his spartan helmet rests on the table. instead of red hairs on the top of the helmet there are flames they seem to blaze up every time Ares speaks. Two empty thrones sit to his left, the first one has a three-tip trident inlayed on the back just like Ares crest. The next one has a hammer striking an anvil. 

Sitting on his right in a golden throne is Zeus. He is wearing a simple toga with a lightning bolt pendent on the shoulder strap. upon his head rests a crown of lightning bolts, his hair is white, his beard is long and his gray eyes are dull and sunken in. He has a faint golden glow, which flickers every time he moves. He glares at Ares. "Welcome Bobby James Tauntlee to the council of the gods. Please stand and introduce yourselves."

On his right stands a young woman with brown hair, she is wearing a tiara made of peacock feathers. She is in a dark green dress with a golden loop belt across her waist, golden bracelets on each arm. "I am Queen of the gods, Wife of Zeus. I am mother to all children and overseer of all marriages. I am Hera." Her clothes seem to shimmer with a tint of orange as she sits down. there is a peacock feather inlayed on the top of her chair.

On her right stands a tall and beautiful woman dressed in iron armor. she holds a spear in one hand and a circular shield in the other. She wears a smooth helmet that covers her ears and nose; her red hair falls beautifully to her shoulders. "I'm holder of strategy and knowledge, daughter of Zeus, Mother of architect. I am Athena." As she sits down you can see the shape of and owl on her chair as blue sparks leap off her spear.

On her right stands, a beautiful woman that makes Athena look pale. She is wearing a slim pink dress that hugs her body as she places a hand on her hip. "Finally my turn, I am the goddess of love and the holder of the apple of chaos. I was born from the sea because no man or god could create this beauty. I am Aphrodite’s." As she sits, she pushes her blonde hair behind her ear and winks at him. Above her head is a dove.

Zeus’s voice booms across the room. "We‘re all gathered here today in hope that a plan can be set in motion to stop Hades. before the winter solstice, before he takes his plans to far."

Ares chuckles, "To far it’s a little late now."

Aphrodite’s leans her head on her arm. "Ares is right, what can we do, now the damage is already done."

Athena looks at Aphrodite. "Not true, there is still hope if we stop him soon we can rebuild what he has destroyed."

Hera sits there calm and collected. "What do you propose Athena?"

Athena looks to Hera. "Well we need to find a weapon to stop him or make one." She looks over at the empty chair with the hammer striking the anvil. "Right we can't get him to come back out of his cave." 

Hera shakes her head. "Like what, without Zeus’s rod or Hephaestus to craft a new one. there is little left that we can do, with no weapon that can stand against his might, now is there? "

The whole time they are arguing, he keeps trying to get his word heard over all their voices. finally he stumps his foot and the table cracks as flames shot out of under his him, lets out a shout at the top of his lungs. "Why have you brought me here?"

They all shut up as Zeus leans forward in his throne. "Why you are our champion of course."

He looks Zeus in the eye. "I didn't ask for this, why me?"


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