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Chapter 4: The Goblin Chiefs

Chapter 4: The Goblin Chiefs


I hadn’t moved from where I was. I made sure to stay vigilant in case the Goblins came back, but it truly seemed they had run off. Which was very strange. I have never seen mobs run away before, but I also had never shown such power and fought so many mobs at once. I wasn’t sure if it was always this way, or if it was a feature due to Hardcore.


Anyway, it has been a few minutes now, and there were no signs of any Goblins in this area. They must be further in, or perhaps fighting in the war. I stood up, but limped on my right leg. The arrow was still stuck in there.


Right. The Goblin Bowman hadn’t died, so its arrow didn’t disintegrate. I was wondering why my health stagnated at 99.


I pulled the arrow out of my leg. It hurt—not so bad as it did entering my leg—but it still was painful. After a few seconds, my health was back to 100, and the wound on my leg fully healed. I stretched my leg to make sure everything was okay, and looked at the loot bags in front of me. There were four. I walked over to them.


Hmm. I only need 30 more experience to hit level 1. This leveling speed is impressive—Level 1 before completing Floor 1. I just need to be more careful.


From the loot bags, I got two ‘tubes of satiety’, one small health potion, and a ‘hydration bottle’. I started walking to the village in front of me. There was still no sight of Goblins. I was glad, because I was tired. Not so much physically, but mentally, I was exhausted. I started looking through the village, and the huts.


The Goblins said there was treasure. Where is it? I looked in all six huts, but didn’t find anything like treasure. There were some mats—presumably their beds, and that was about it. I looked around a bit more, and then I noticed something. It was a little further away than the distant group of two Goblins that was in the village earlier. It looked like a well. A really thick well, made out of stone.


I approached the well, and peered in. It looked like there was water below. There was rope attached to the well bucket, and I started pulling it in. I looked again, and there didn’t seem to be anything in the bucket. I finished pulling up the bucket, and immediately heard a tick. Suddenly, the left side of the well opened up.


“A trap!” I yelled out, and threw myself back, hiding behind my shield. Nothing happened. I approached the side of the well. There was a treasure chest there! I took it out, and opened it. Inside, there was a tiny orb, about the size of a pearl, resting on top of a gray cloak. I touched the orb.


[System Notice: Congratulations! You found the hidden treasure of Floor 1. You gained the Title: Treasure Dabbler.]


The orb—it was a title! The orb disappeared when the system notice sprang. I then picked up the cloak.


[Cloak of Slumber (Rank: F)] - A gray cloak. Just gazing at it seems to tire foes. Has a defense value of 8. Grants ability: {Sudden Slumber}. Requirements: 5 Perception.


{Sudden Slumber} - An active ability. The next foe you touch falls asleep. Cooldown scales off Perception. Five minute cooldown. Cooldown caps at 30 seconds.


I checked out my new title, too.


[Title: Treasure Dabbler] - Passive effect: +2 Perception. Active effect: +5 Luck, +5 Perception


Wow, incredible! Just owning the title gives me two Perception, and having it equipped gives me a total of seven, with five luck!


I instantly equipped my new title, and cloak.



Health: 100/100

Mana: 10/10

Name: Zeryn Felix, The Treasure Dabbler

Level: 0 [EXP 120/150]

Class: Miraculum

Titles: Treasure Dabbler


Vitality: 5

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5

Agility: 5

Willpower: 5

Intelligence: 5

Perception: 5 (12)

Wit: 5

Wisdom*: 8.2

Charisma: 3

Luck: 17 (22)

Active Buffs:  None

Active Abilities: {Spin!}, {Biding Eruption}, {Goblin’s Recovery Hymn},

{Area Scan},  {Sudden Slumber}

Passive Abilities: {Assimilation}, {Fire Resistance: B}, {Goblin’s Tongue}


Unknown Ability: [???] 2/10

I looked at the cooldown of {Sudden Slumber}. [Current Cooldown: 3 Minutes, 50 seconds.]


It seems as every point in perception decreases the cooldown by 10 seconds. That’s fantastic. Now, I think I need to continue on. I need to complete this quest so I can get to the next floor.


I started walking in my original direction. After about 10 minutes, there was another village, but it was empty, so I continued on. After a few more minutes, yet another empty village.


Are they really all fighting? Why are they at war anyways?


I took a break. I drank out of my ‘hydration bottle’, finishing a bottle, and sucked the contents from the ‘tube of satiety’. After I finished my break, I got up, and just started running. Finally, I saw something. Something I was just somewhat expecting, but not completely. Not this many. In front of me, I saw the field going down. It was a wide valley.  


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