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Chapter 6: Journey Through the Paths

Chapter 6: Journey Through the Paths


I withdrew my blade from the neck of the Goblin Bowman.


[Goblin Bowman, Lv5, takes 14 damage.]


[System Notice: You gained 25 EXP.]


That was the fourth one. Now, which path to take? I looked at the paths before me, five paths. I had decided to call each area that seemed to be new and had the next set of paths a zone. Only one path took me to the next zone, the other four- they took me back to the entrance, zone one. Each walk between paths took at least two hours. Plus, there were more log traps involved, so I couldn’t just run haphazardly until the traps were sprung. And, I had only just now made it to the fourth zone. It’s been three days.


Ugh. Let’s start with the two this time. Each zone consisted of five paths in the same pattern, and comparing it to a clock, it would be 10, 11, 12, 1, and 2. I figured out that I had been going back to the beginning right after the first zone because I took the ten and it brought me back to the pool of blood where I had been wallowing in self-pity like a numbskull, but I think that wallowing allowed me to grow. I remembered what I had gained after I looked at the system notices from that first fight in zone one.


[System Notice: You learned a new Ability through {Assimilation}. You learned {Battle Prowess}.]


Prowess} - A passive ability. While in combat, your thinking speed and ability to make wise decisions is increased. When fighting strong enemies, you may earn an increase in an attribute.


[System Notice: Wisdom increased by 0.8]



After I had got up and looked at them, I had increased motivation and recalled something I learned from a friend’s father long ago. He had said a popular quote, “You learn through making mistakes.” With that, I had gotten up, and trudged along down the paths. I reached zone two when I found the right path, and it had a Lv5 bowman, and zone three had a Lv4 regular old Goblin. So, the pattern so far from each zone has been melee, range, melee, range. As I was in zone four, I just needed to take the correct path to zone five.


After walking through for a couple of hours, and avoiding the log traps, I made it. I made it back to zone one. The pool of blood was still there. I started running to make it back to zone four. The traps never reset, so running was the better option. This time, I took path one. I made it through the path, and came to a zone. The zone was missing my pool of blood, so it definitely wasn’t zone one! But, it was also missing a big symbol- a Goblin. Every time I succeeded in getting to a new zone, there was a Goblin. There was no pool of blood, and there were five paths, so this definitely had to be a new zone.


[System Notice: You feel as if you are being watched…]


I looked around, but saw nothing. There were no trees rustling, nor bushes. Just the creepy forest. I used {Area Scan} but the report came back with zero presences. After looking around for a while, I decided I needed to keep moving. I took the ten path, and actually made it to zone six after walking the lengthy path. Then, I was greeted by a goblin.


[Goblin Bowman, Lv5]


Hmm, another Bowman. The next mob should have definitely been a melee. I know I am at the correct area as I didn’t reset to zone one. And—there was that notice.


An arrow came at me. I could sense how it was arriving, and decided to dodge the attack instead of blocking it. These level five Bowmen definitely had less than 56 health, because I knew for certain they die in four hits from my Buckler Blade.


I quickly tried to close the gap between us. That was the trick for Goblin Bowmen. You just needed to close the gap, and then it became a one-sided slaughter. It got off two more shots before I was able to close in. I dodged one, and blocked the other with my kite shield, quite similar to the fight I had hours ago in zone four.


[Biding Hellfire Rupture power at 130/260.]


I cut into it, and quickly remained by it so it couldn’t fire at me with an arrow again. I repeated it three more times, and it died.


[System Notice: You gained 25 EXP.]


“Remaining Mobs!”


[System Notice: There are 4 Mobs remaining. Mobs cleared: 5/9]


Still four left—so does that mean there are 10 zones in total? What a bother. Truly, this must just be a test of endurance.


I picked a path, and walked it. I went back to zone one, and decided that this was where I would rest for a while, and continue the paths the next day.



“Oh. It looks like there is another Goblin ahead—Finally!” After an annoying four days, I reached zone nine.


Yep, this one is melee, but the level pattern is different.


[Goblin Chief, Lv5]


A Goblin Chief stood before me, tall as usual. It held a greatsword in two hands. It wasn’t named like the three Chiefs of Floor One. As such, I didn’t feel very threatened by it.


The Goblin Chief charged at me, and I dodged to the side as it brought its greatsword down. I stabbed it, but in return, got a shoulder check.


[Goblin Chief, Lv5, takes 14 damage.]


[You took 25 damage from Goblin Chief, Lv4. Current Health: 105/130]


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