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Chapter 7: Unexpected Occurrence

Chapter 7: Unexpected Occurrence


Again, after taking those few steps up the spiral staircase, I was enveloped by the aura of light. My eyes opened, and I was in what looked like a room inside of an inn.


[System Notice: You completed Floor 2. You gained 200 EXP.]

[System Notice: For conquering Floor 2 on Hardcore difficulty, you have received the item: Upgrade Jewel.]

[Upgrade Jewel - Upgrade a piece of equipment by one full rank. Disintegrates after one use.]


[System Notice: You leveled up to Lv4! Congratulations! Health increased by 10. Mana increased by 2. You received 2 AP. ]


[System Notice: Welcome to Floor 3’s starting point.]


I looked around the room. There was a single bed, a rickety chest of drawers, and a small table and chair. Where am I this time? There were no windows, and only one door that said ‘Exit’. The chest of drawers had a button on top that said ‘Shop’. The table also had a button that said ‘One Free Meal’. I decided that the first thing that needed to be done was a good rest.


After waking up, I added my two attribute points to Dexterity. I wanted to get to ten as soon as I could to use {Shrouded Blink}. I went over to the ‘Shop’ button and activated it. I sold the ‘Goblin Chief essence’ for 25 points, which put me up to 26. I also tried to sell ‘The Honorable Assassin’s Head’ but it was untradeable. The same equipment as before was available.


I only had six ‘tubes of satiety’, nine ‘hydration bottles’, and one small health potion. The tubes cost two points, bottles were one point, and health potions were four points. I really wanted to save up points but I couldn’t afford to, literally. I picked up four tubes, four bottles, and three potions. I was left with two points, and hoped the low amount of goods would hold me over for the floor. Lastly, I went over to the table, and pressed the button for a meal.


[System Notice: Due to the upcoming quest, you can pick a meal to enhance your attributes during this floor:

A: Goblin Sprouts and Oats; increases health by 150, decreases damage taken by 25%, gain five health regen every second.

B: Goblin’s Curry; increases Strength, Dexterity, and Agility by 10.

C: Gobby’s Homemade Pie; increases mana by 40, increases intelligence and willpower by 20.


What is this? I’ve only seen attribute enhancing meals at the hub. I wasn’t expecting this—the curry—it would allow me to do more damage with my ‘Buckler Blade’, make me quicker, and allow me to use {Shrouded Blink}, but option ‘A’ definitely seems to be better overall for my survival. But with such high attribute boosts, what is the upcoming quest?


I picked the ‘Goblin Sprouts and Oats’. My health jumped to 290. I went out the exit, and into a lobby like room. There was a Human seated in a chair. He got up when he saw me.


“Hello there, chap. You the one they sent this time, eh? Well, the boarding was provided, and as you stepped out of the room—seems you are ready to go. Good luck.”


[Innkeeper Saratul, Lv??]


I got a glimpse of the Human before I was sent away by some teleportation. I seemed to be in the middle of a town square—with no town around.


[System Notice: Quest Received. Gather information and find the elusive bounty target. There are three avenues that lead to places to gather information! Do anything necessary to complete the quest.

A: Go to the Arena

B: Go to the Villages

C: Go to the Safe House

To complete the quest, you must find the location of The Honorable Assassin and bring news to Innkeeper Saratul. You will then receive assistance to vanquish the mighty enemy.]


The—The Honorable Assassin? Is that an error? Zilmazil… was the Honorable Assassin, I thought? Wait, does it mean I don’t need to do anything? Does this mean I effectively already beat this floor?! I viewed the area around me. There were three signs in front of me, and one sign behind me. The three signs in front of me said, in order, ‘Arena’, ‘Villages’, and ‘Safe Houses’, while the sign behind me said ‘Inn’. Then, an idea came to mind.


“System. Remaining Mobs!”


[System Notice: There are 300 mobs remaining. Mobs cleared: 0/300]


“Holy damn. 300 mobs! That—that is a lot of experience if I cleared it up—and I could get a conquering reward, but...” But is it worth the time to go through all that or do I just go up a floor? Going up a floor won’t provide me with much benefit, while clearing the mobs would make me stronger—which is what I definitely need. Not to mention I got the meal buff! Okay. One thing to check.


I approached the sign that said ‘Inn’ and touched it. I vanished, and appeared inside the inn I previously was in.


“Oh. Back so soon? Piss yourself?” Innkeeper Saratul looked at me and sighed.


“No, Mr. Innkeeper.” I retrieved 'The Honorable Assassin’s Head' from my inventory, and held it out in front of me. “I was told you wanted information—about this.”


Innkeeper Saratul seemed astonished. “You—how do you have this? You were gone for two minutes.” He looked down at the watch on his wrist. “Two minutes and 36 seconds to be exact.” He brought out a staff from behind his back. It seemed to be made of a dark wood, and there was a blood red orb on top of it. Innkeeper Saratul himself was adorned in golden robes. “Now then. Explain to me how you came about this so quickly, or this is your end.” He pointed the staff towards me.


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