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Chapter 9: Floor 4, Goblin Kingdom

Chapter 9: Floor 4, Goblin Kingdom


[System Notice: You completed Floor 3. You gained 300 EXP.]

[System Notice: For conquering Floor 3 on Hardcore difficulty, you have received the item: Transfiguration Jewel.]


[System Notice: Welcome to Floor 4’s starting point.]


Another ‘Transfiguration Jewel’. It’d still be a waste to use right now.


This floor’s starting point was a tent. I had plenty of trade points after the previous floor and the loot bags. After trading in the loot bags, it came out to 42 points. So now, I was at 544. I had plenty of ‘tubes of satiety’, ‘hydration bottles’, and many potions as I hadn’t been using them. The inventory in the ‘Shop’ didn’t change. I purchased a new weapon for 30 points, as I had previously complained about my ‘Buckler Blade’s’ reach, and got some boots, also for 30 points, to give my defense a modifier.


[Starter Longsword (Rank: F) - A longsword for starters. Attack value: 9]

[Leather Boots (Rank: F) - Boots made from leather. Defense values increased by 10%.]


Not a big difference, but it will help for now. With the amount of points I had, I might as well had picked them up. The Longsword’s reach and extra damage is nice, especially with my gloves. And increasing my defense is always important. Head equipment, body equipment, and leg equipment all had defense values to lower the amount of damage taken. Of course, Vitality provided a multiplier to that.


Boots, however, always increased the equipments’ defense values, and sometimes held various effects, such as attribute increases. Gloves were the opposite, increasing weapons’ attack values, and then also providing various effects. Back equipment and jewelry could provide various effects and/or have their own defense value, such as my current cloak. Attacks and attack value modifiers here always rounded down, while equipment modifiers rounded up.


I’ve been limiting myself too much by playing on the lower difficulties. I had the naive thought that I just needed to finish the floor, and try not to deal with the surrounding enemies—that just got me killed. At this point, I could probably kill my previous lives if I had to fight myself. When I first reached Floor 10, I had only been level five. Now, I’m on Floor 4 and already level six!


I exited the tent after taking a rest. “Ah. This place looks like the Floor Four of easy and normal. That is great.” There were trees, green grass, flowers, and shrubbery. I kept looking around as I walked, trying to find the Goblins. And then a very large sight came into view. There was a castle in the view, and huge walls surrounding the outside. Inside of the castle walls were dwellings and whatnot.


“Ahh. No. This—this is quite different. That looks like a castletown?”


“Remaining Mobs!”


[System Notice: There are 103 mobs remaining. Mobs cleared: 0/103]


“Hmm. Only 103?”


I started walking toward where the castle was. There were Bowmen atop the walls. They had their bows at the ready. I neared the gates to the castletown and readied my shield. There were some Elite Guards standing on both sides of the gate.


[Goblin Elite Guard, Lv7] [Goblin Elite Guard, Lv7]


They looked at me, and one of the Elite Guards looked behind itself at the wall. I looked where it was looking, and saw a poster. It had a drawing of a Human’s face on it. Oh, it was mine.


“Kuhk… Hey, this that evil Human who invaded our Goblin Kingdom?” The Elite Guard asked its ally.


“Hkk. Too hard to see. Them all looks the same to me.” Then, it looked at me. “Hkk. ‘ey you! Is this you in this picture, huh?”


I looked at the Goblins. “...no.”


“Hkk. Well then, what’s your business ‘ere, huh?”


I need to get in. “Um. I am here to look for somebody.”


“Kuhk. Why is a Human looking for somebody in our capital?”


“Hkk. Yeah, why?”


“... I heard... there was a good… chef.” I tried my best to come up with some random lie.


“Hkk. Think he is talking about Zarbie up in the castle, huh?”


“Kuhk. Ol’ Zarbie Meatchopper? Could be.”


Zarbie Meatchopper? “Thanks, you two! That was exactly who I was looking for.” I slowly started walking closer to the gates.


The two Elite Guards grabbed their spears and pointed at me. “Kuhk. Don’t come any closer.”


“Hkk. That’s right. You need to be escorted, Human. Think ya can walk around all willy nilly around ‘ere, huh? Be lucky you ain’t the one in the wanted poster or you’d be skewered, huh?”


“Kukh. You be the one to escort ‘im in. I’ll keep a lookout for the evil Human. Damn bastard be killing us Goblins to ease ‘is sadistic desires. Such a bastard even goes around speaking our tongue. Okay now, be off.”


What is up with them thinking I’m a sadistic monster? Damn developers. “Oh. Thanks again.”


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